Best Honey Drinks To Get You Buzzed for the Weekend

Best Honey Drinks To Get You Buzzed for the Weekend

When it comes to having a bit of fun in the fresh new weather, it’s good to try something new to spice up the end of the week. Honey is a great sweetener that pairs surprisingly well with several alcoholic drinks. These are some of the best honey drinks to get you buzzed for the weekend.

Bee’s Knees

The bee’s knees is a classic that is sure to get you in the spring mood. Mixing gin, lemon juice, and honey is a simple pleasure completed with a lemon peel for garnish. This drink is a wonderful ode to the tiny workers who made the sweet syrupy honey to complete this dizzying combo. If you’re looking for a smooth and refreshing sip, this is a go-to for the season.

Honey Mead

For those with a bit of Viking blood in their veins, honey mead is a simple but terrific experience. This drink has a long history of being a cherished item on past warriors’ menus. While it was normally reserved for special occasions and drank out of animal horns, you are now free to enjoy it as you please. Get in touch with the ways of old with this classic and sweet mix of fermented honey and water.

Honey Bourbon

The smokiness of bourbon and the sweetness of honey is a match made in heaven. If you are looking for a bit more zest, consider adding some apple cider for a sophisticated flavor profile. Though it sounds simple, this combination tastes perfect.

Honeyed Tequila

If you love the earthy sweetness of tequila, you are sure to rejoice with this change of pace from the usual lime and salt chaser combo. Honeyed tequila emphasizes the sweet notes of tequila and adds a spicy bite at the end. For those looking for a unique springtime experience, add some lavender for a refreshing and floral aftertaste to this already delicious cocktail.

It’s easy to grow bored with the same drinks you normally guzzle to get the night going. Honey is a flexible ingredient used in the products of several top industries, including the beverage industry. By considering a few of the best honey drinks to get you buzzed for the weekend, you are sure to have a special time exploring some new favorites this spring season.

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