7 Creative Ways To Show Clients Gratitude During Holidays In 2022

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Which two-word combination from the following do you find the most influential?

  • Good morning.
  • Thank you.
  • You’re welcome.
  • Best wishes.

We thank you for choosing the word thank you. Showing gratitude is a humble thing. Being into business means being grateful to your employees, customers, and clients. There are a thousand ways to thank your clients. However, only a few are creative and unique to leave an impression.

Practicing gratitude for oneself is one thing and showing it to your clients is another. In this piece, we will go through seven creative ways to show clients gratitude during holidays in 2022.

Don’t miss any of them!

1. Write Holiday Thank You Cards

Back then, people wrote letters to their dear ones to make them feel loved, respected, and valued. Believe it or not, writing personally still works wonders. That said, writing customized thank you cards is one of the best ways to show gratitude to your clients. Moreover, sending gratitude holiday cards is an excellent way of conveying to your clients how much they mean to you. (the company)

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When you write the thank you note, keep it simple and centered to your clients only rather than making it a sales pitch. Also, you can use tools like Canva to design a thank you card easily to send it to your clients physically or electronically.

2. Offer a Discount

Who doesn’t love discounts? And that too during the holidays! Lure your clients this time by showing how much bucks you can pay for them from your own pockets. Offering discounts on your popular products can be an effective way of showing gratitude towards your clients. Plus, it keeps the sales going, boosts client morale, and doubles the revenue later on. Go for the ‘Black Friday’ or ‘End of Season Sale’ concepts to offer discounts to your clients. This way, you not only give them a budgetary break but thank them for staying loyal to your brand as clients. Vist this website.

3. Dispatch Customized Gifts

Giving away gifts is a great idea to thank your clients. But, adding a personal touch to the gifts shows your genuine gratefulness. Sending tailor-made gifts to your clients shows how important you consider them for your business. You can pick the top ten or twenty clients in the year and give them special gifts. A few examples of customised gifts are – spa vouchers, travel packs, gift hampers, tickets to an exclusive event, and many more.

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4. Do a Social Media Spotlight on Your Clients

Like you want social media fame for your brand, so do your customers. Hear your clients and make their stories live on your website, blog, LinkedIn page, or Instagram. Moreover, you can create banners of your clients bragging about how good they are and post them on all your social media handles. Besides giving them a boost on your social media, doing this will help you be grateful to your loyal clients publically.

5. Donate to Charity in Client’s Name

“Charity begins at home.”

Why don’t we do charity this time for clients and not for us? You can donate funds to NGOs in your clients’ name for starters. You can bring home groceries, turn them into hampers, and distribute them to the needy on behalf of your clients. Holidays are about giving back. And you doing good in the name of your clients will put a smile on their faces as well as the charity receiver.

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6. Give Them Early-bird Product Insights

At first, it may sound biased, but in reality, it’s not. First, segment your most loyal clients from the entire customer database. The most loyal clients are those who shop the most from you and have spent a fortune on your products and services since day one. To show your thankfulness to these clients, reveal the early-bird insights with the email newsletter. This way, you thank your top-notch clients enough and also encourage other customers to be in the loop and join the email list.

7. Throw a Gratitude Event

Whether it is the thanksgiving dinner or new year’s evening, holidays are meant to be with family and friends. What if we say this holiday you should be with your other family and friends – the most supporting clients. We mean, they are also your extended family, right? You can eat your favorite turkey or celebrate the first night of the upcoming year with your most promising clients.

And if this isn’t a creative way to show gratitude, what is?

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Client gratitude goes a long way for your survival in the industry. Offering goods and services is not the only thing you should aim for being a business of the 21st century. With a well-thought client gratitude strategy, you should give them back the sympathy, loyalty, and appreciation they deserve for being by your business’ side. Do this right, and we guarantee your company will grow dramatically. 

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