6 Cool Ways To Use Libyan Desert Glass

what is libyan desert glass

Libyan Desert glass is a type of silica-rich natural glass discovered in 1932. Since its discovery,
the origin of this mysterious object has remained unexplained.

Various theories have been presented in an attempt to explain the origin and formation of this
natural glass. Similarly, many technological processes have been developed to provide enough
support for the high-temperature fusion process required in forming this type of glass.

History Of Libyan Desert Glass

P. Clayton made the first formal discovery of Libyan Desert glass in 1932. However, its long
history dates back to Ancient Egypt. The stone is thought to have formed over 20 million years
ago due to a meteorite impact. However, this isn’t conclusive due to the lack of evidence.

Various laboratory investigations and studies suggest that the object originated from an
extraterrestrial object. Some scientists believe that a high-temperature impact caused its
solidification during a sand or sandstone layer formation. It’s also suggested that an
extraterrestrial body detonated mid-air, causing the silica deposits to melt.

Benefits Of Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass may be used to help the user overcome their illnesses. There’s a belief that it
can stimulate the flow of energy in the body. The proposed healing properties of this unique
glass are associated with the lower chakras.

Chakras are believed to be points in your body responsible for keeping your organs and nervous
system aligned. Thus, the stone’s golden glow is said to enliven and energize all of the chakras
beneath the heart. This may result in a far more powerful energy flow throughout the body.

Even though its energy is powerful in all the chakras, it has a strong resonance with the solar
plexus chakra, located in the lower abdomen. It’s said to have healing attributes that are very
powerful in treating various digestive issues.

Ways To Use The Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass can be used in a variety of healing applications, such as these cool ways:

  1. Hold a Libyan Desert glass in either hand for trip meditations and channeling. By
    meditating with this unique glass and incorporating it into ceremonies, it’s believed that
    you can invoke the metaphysical world’s powers and energies.
  2. Bring light to your past: during past life regressions, place this mysterious glass on the
    third eye chakra. Libyan Desert glass is a potent energizing stone for the sacral, third eye,
    and solar plexus chakra. As one begins their journey with this one-of-a-kind dessert glass,
    extraordinary aspects of oneself may begin to emerge.
  3. Libyan Desert glass can be worn on the body or placed near the solar plexus chakra
    to aid with emotional grounding—the process of bringing your energy field into balance
    with the current moment. This material is a good grounding stone because it transfers
    excess spiritual energy to the earth’s star chakra, which serves as an anchor. This is part
    of the exercise of engaging in introspection and having faith in the unknown to feel
    secure and nourished.
  4. Libyan Desert glass can be used to create a one-of-a-kind focal point for your home
    or office. Natural crystals are related to the earth element in feng shui due to their origins
    in the earth. Earth energy is a stabilizing and grounding force. If you’re feeling anxious,
    you can consider using Libyan Desert glass to infuse your house or office with additional
    earth element characteristics.
  5. Feng shui experts recommend placing Libyan Desert glass in the health or
    spirituality centers of your feng shui chart. The center of space, according to feng shui,
    is related to the earth element and your overall health. This is a very important location
    for grounding because it connects all other portions of your home and serves as the
    foundation for all other aspects of your life.
  6. Hold Libyan Desert glass in your hands during manifestation rituals if you’re
    mentally manifesting, place it on top of a manifestation diary, or wear it throughout the
    day to keep your affirmations fresh in your mind.


The ancient people of the Middle East had a wide range of sincerely held religious or spiritual
beliefs. Among these, Libyan Desert glass is believed to be quite potent in maximizing the
healing properties of grounding and mediation, which are also activities that should be
incorporated into your nighttime routine. This seemingly mysterious material just might be what
you need to take your meditation to a higher level. However, please note that you shouldn’t rely
on this stone if you have serious health problems. For health conditions that require immediate
medical attention, nothing beats a consultation with a medical professional.

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