5 Tips for Staying Safe When Using Your Heat Gun

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Using Your Heat Gun

When you encase a product in shrink-wrap with a heat gun, you may focus primarily on your product and keeping it safe. However, you should also avoid any accidents with the heat gun that could harm yourself or others. Learn how to do that with these five tips for staying safe when using your heat gun.

Check the Heat Gun’s Hose

Checking the hose of your heat gun before using it is a great way to stay safe and a good tip for maintaining and caring for heat guns. If you examine it closely, you may spot a fuel leak and prevent a hazardous accident.

Don’t Use It Near Flammable Materials

When you use your heat gun, operate it safely away from flammable materials. Some substances will catch fire if you point the tool at them, so keep them far away. This will keep people safe and avoid property damage.

Never Point the Heat Gun at Anyone

If you think you have no chance of harming someone by pointing the heat gun at them as a joke, think again. These devices are capable of such high temperatures that they can easily burn skin. Keep the gun pointed at your shrink-wrap and away from people, including yourself.

Don’t Block the Nozzle

Ensuring the nozzle has a clear airflow is another good tip for staying safe when using your heat gun. If you block the nozzle as you use it, you will prevent air from leaving the heat gun, which may cause it to explode. Make sure air can escape the device without any blockage.

Let Your Heat Gun Cool Down

When you finish using a heat gun, your first instinct may be to put it away. But don’t be so hasty since the hot temperature of the device can start a fire. Instead, let it cool down so you can put it away later without causing any accidents.

When you follow these tips, you will ensure the safe and effective use of your heat gun. So regularly check it, don’t block the nozzle, keep it pointed solely at the shrink-wrap project when in use, and always let it cool before storage.

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