5 Things Every ATV Enthusiast Should Know

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ATVs are a great way to enjoy the wilderness. Whether you’re out hunting, fishing, or exploring new trails, ATVs make life much easier. Every ATV enthusiast wants to know the best way to care for their ATVs. There are varying opinions out there on what you should do, but we have narrowed it down to five things that every ATV owner should know.

1) Read your owner’s manual from cover to cover.

Your owner’s manual is going to have a lot of good information. You should read through it at least once. Your ATV isn’t the same as every other model out there, so you need your own set of instructions for how to care for your best.

Essential sections include maintenance schedules, storage information, and the proper way to use your ATV. Be sure to check out every section.

2) Get an ATV safety course.

Safety courses help teach you a lot about ATVs and how to use them. You’ll learn the proper way of using your vehicle, what it’s capable of doing and not doing, and also some new skills that will make riding safer for you.

A safety course is an important part of learning everything there is to know about ATV care best. You need as much information as possible before heading out on the trails.

3) Learn about the service of an ATV including gearing and braking systems.

You need to know when you should gear down and when it’s okay to break hard. If you don’t, there are going to be some very bad consequences for your vehicle.

Be sure that you learn how gearing works on your ATV before hitting the trails. You’ll want to inspect this part of your machine regularly to make sure everything is working properly.

Check out the bearings of your ATV. They’re going to be rotating a lot, so you need them in good shape for the smooth ride you want and expect. If worn out, you can replace them with RZR wheel bearings. You don’t have to replace every bearing simultaneously as long as they all look equally bad or haven’t been used very much.

4) Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank before heading out into the wilds.

Don’t let your ATV run out of gas. You should always calculate how much fuel you’re going to need before heading out, and then be sure that the tank is full when you leave.

If your machine runs low on fuel while you’re riding it, slow down as quickly as possible and find a safe spot for an emergency stop. If this happens in the middle of the woods or somewhere rocky, there’s a chance you could flip over, so try hard not to do anything too crazy once the engine cuts off completely.

Be aware of where all nearby gas stations are before setting off into nature with just enough fuel in the tank to get home again safely. You’ll also want some extra fuel stored away in case you get stuck out there overnight, or something goes wrong.

5) Remember that even though it’s capable of going over rough terrain at high speeds, an ATV is not a toy.

Please exercise caution when driving this vehicle. Even though they are very fun, you can’t drive one like a car or motorcycle. They’re capable of doing things that other vehicles aren’t, and this is why they’re so great for off-roading.

But remember to stay safe at all times when driving your ATV. You don’t want an accident on the trails to ruin everyone’s day, so be sure always to take it too slow out there if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing yet.


There are endless opinions out there on how you should care for your ATV. We have narrowed it down to five things that every owner should know. Read through the manual, take an ATV safety course, learn about gearing and braking systems, make sure you have enough fuel in the tank before taking off into nature, and remember not to drive it like a car or motorcycle even though they’re capable of going over rough terrain at high speeds because accidents can happen when riding one.

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