5 of the Greenest Small Towns in the United States

5 of the Greenest Small Towns in the United States

Small towns tend to have big troubles. From residents moving to bigger cities to a lack of sustainability in their communities, it’s not always easy to keep up with the world. However, some small towns are making significant changes for themselves and the environment. Today, we’re looking at five of the greenest small towns in the United States and what they’re doing to make the Earth a better place.

Greensburg, Kansas (Population: 740 as of 2020)

Most of this small town was blown away by a tornado in 2007, but when they rebuilt, they decided to do it properly. Virtually every building in the city runs on power generated by a wind farm, and Greensburg was the first city in America to strictly use LED for street lighting.

Dunedin, Florida (Population: 36,068 as of 2020)

There’s always plenty of sun in Florida, so it makes perfect sense that the town of Dunedin created a grant to make it easier and more cost-efficient for homes and businesses to utilize solar power. By incentivizing residents to use solar energy, Dunedin is doing its part to give Florida a brighter future.

Juneau, Alaska (Population: 32,255 as of 2020)

Due to being surrounded by mountain ranges, Juneau is a city many people view as isolated from the outside world. However, the city decided to use this to its advantage and become one of the best towns for electric vehicles. The town of Juneau has over ten charging stations, so one is almost always within range. The push for electric vehicles in this remote town allows for lower gas prices, and as a bonus, the colder temperatures ensure the carsbatteries last longer.

Oakridge, Oregon (Population: 3,448 as of 2020)

One of the greenest small towns in the United States is Oakridge, Oregon. In the early 2000s, the city started building bike trails to offer new transportation routes throughout the city and bring in tourists. Now, over four hundred miles of trails run throughout the town, and the cycling industry brings in healthy revenue.

Georgetown, Texas (Population: 67,176 as of 2020)

A Texas town in the middle of oil country may sound like an odd choice for an environmentally friendly place. However, Georgetown’s mayor crunched the numbers, and his interest in another type of green led to a big push for renewable energy. Now, over 90% of Georgetown’s power comes from a combination of wind and solar, saving the town money and bringing in many potential new businesses.

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