5 Interesting Facts About Personal Injury Cases

personal injury cases

Did you know that in 92% of tort cases, plaintiffs claim personal injury? That shocking fact comes straight from the United States Justice Department and shows how important personal injury cases can be.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a personal injury case, make sure to read up on these five facts before consulting a lawyer!

1. The Road to Recovery

In a turn of good news, the number of vehicular accidents that occur each year in the United States is down for the third consecutive year.

It’s not all good news, though. There is an average of just over 36,000 fatalities per year, even with the number of accidents going down.

Millions more are left injured in the hospital, making car crashes one of the leading causes of personal injury cases.

2. Start Your Case Sooner Rather Than Later

Following an accident, you’ll have a set period to file a claim against the responsible parties. To further complicate matters, the exact time limit you’ll have depends on your residence, so if you’re considering a suit, make sure to look up your local laws.

Even if you’re not sure about pursuing legal action, it’s best to speak with a lawyer shortly after the accident to best assess your case. They’ll be able to walk you through the limits of your state law and help you decide how and when you’ll want to start your case.

3. A Personal Injury Case Can Help You Cover Medical Bills

As the legal experts at Sweet Lawyers point out, there are multiple forms of damages a person can sue for, including damage sustained to one’s property, lost earnings from work, and emotional damages.

But as medical bills begin to stack up leading to your case, you’ll want to consider suing specifically for medical coverage. Whether it’s paying for an x-ray or expensive surgery, medical treatment can leave your bank account drained.

Speak with your personal injury lawyer about how you can recoup the costs of these bills.

4. You Might Have to Sue Multiple Parties

Juggling one lawsuit might seem difficult enough, but imagine what would happen if your insurance company refused to cover your treatment. Or if your employer unfairly fired you due to your injury.

These difficult situations happen all the time. And as unfortunate as they are, they’re prime examples of why it might be best to take on multiple parties.

No matter how many cases it takes, the right lawyer will help you fight for the justice that you deserve and won’t stop until you’re taken care of.

5. Settling Is Always an Option

A settlement is a legal compromise. If you choose to settle your case, your attorneys will come together to discuss the terms of the agreement.

While you might not receive full damages, a settlement can keep you out of court or stop a lengthy legal battle from draining your funds. In many respects, settling is an effective strategy for both parties.

Know These Important Facts About Personal Injury Cases

And there you have it, five important facts about personal injury cases. We hope you’ve found these facts helpful.

Remember, time for your case might be running out. If you’re considering legal action, speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

And for more interesting facts, be sure to check back with our blog!

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