5 Interesting Facts About Car Crashes

car crash

The US Transportation Secretary recently announced a five-part plan to address rising car crashes in the United States. The federal government has pledged billions to upgrade roads and use technology to decrease the number of roadway accidents that occur each year.

Car accident statistics can lend fascinating insight into driver behavior. Read on to learn five interesting facts about car crashes.

1. Close to Home

Did you know that you are most likely to have a car accident near your home? You might think that accidents happen more frequently on highways.

In fact, the majority of vehicle accidents happen within three miles of a driver’s house. This little fact might make you more careful when driving to and from home.  

2. Cell Phone Dangers

There’s a reason that we warn teenagers to not talk on the phone while they drive. That advice applies to adults as well. You are 400% more likely to have an accident while talking on the cell phone. 

This falls within what is known as distracted driving. Some states have banned talking on cell phones while in school zones for this very reason. 

3. Texting While Driving

Texting is one of the most dangerous activities you can engage in while driving. The average driver takes his or her eyes off the road for a full five seconds when texting. Several states have passed laws against texting while driving.

If you are driving at 55 mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field. That text can always wait. You don’t want to learn about a rear-end collision statement because you weren’t paying attention to the road. 

4. High Risks for Teens

As any parent knows, insuring teenagers is expensive. Teens are four times higher to be killed in a car crash than adults. Driving is statistically one of the most dangerous activities teens engage in. 

Teens are also surprisingly likely to drink and drive. Nearly one million high school teens got behind the wheel while intoxicated each year. 

5. Economic Cost of Car Accidents

The economic cost of motor vehicles is staggering. Each year, there is about $1 trillion in lost productivity due to motor vehicles. That total equals several hundred dollars per person in the United States.

After a slight drop in automobile accident deaths in 2020, roadside fatalities are once again on the rise. Worldwide, more than one million people are estimated to die on the roads. 

Learn More Fun Facts About Car Crashes 

Car crashes are an unfortunate fact of life. Knowing the factors that determine vehicle crash statistics can help you avoid accidents. Avoiding talking on the phone and texting is one easy way to stay safe on the road. 

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