5 Common Mental Health Disorders Men Deal With

5 Common Mental Health Disorders Men Deal With

We live in a society where social rules tell people how to feel, how to look, and why they should do certain things. This mostly happens because it’s how society has done it for years, and changing isn’t simple. Dealing with problems is never easy, especially when you have to hide them and deal with them on your own so that society doesn’t judge. Some of the most common mental health disorders men deal with come from various causes, and it’s important to treat them before it’s too late.

Strong Depression

This disorder is easy to disguise from people, especially when you’ve dealt with it for some time and prefer to avoid talking about it. Depression comes from different factors, such as trauma or gender role rules from society. In some cases, family plays a big role in someone’s development and increases the risk of depression.

Substance Abuse

Finding a way to relieve pain from current situations sometimes is the best way to hide feelings to avoid problems. Men commonly find comfort in substances because it’s an easy way out, and they’re always available. This could develop into more serious physical health issues and build a dependency. Drinking and substance abuse come as a way to hide mental problems.

Eating Disorder

Some women commonly have this type of disorder, but the number of men suffering from this is also outstanding. Society’s rules to approve only perfectly sculpted and thin bodies drive people to develop dangerous eating disorders. There are many reasons why eating disorders often go untreated in men, and they could end in tragedy.

Social Anxiety

Anxiety comes with a feeling of worry and fear. This happens due to many different reasons, from watching tragic news happening all over the world to smaller things happening in a person’s reality. Living with a disorder that stops people from doing daily activities because of fear is difficult. This is a common mental health disorder in men with different levels.

Mood Disorder

This type of mental problem can make a person feel different moods within a period of time. Certain situations could trigger changes, and they are hard to control. Some common feelings are sadness and hopelessness, bursts of energy, and guilt. Bipolar depression falls in this category, and it’s essential to see professionals to get the necessary help.

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