5 Benefits of Using Drones for Inspections

5 Benefits of Using Drones for Inspections

As drone technology improves, industries such as agriculture, oil and gas, public safety, and construction increasingly use drones to perform inspections. If you need to complete progress inspections and quality inspections of your civil engineering project, consider using drones. Read about the five benefits of using drones for inspections.

1. Save Time

One of the best reasons to use drones is that they save time on inspections. A drone can fly over an area in less time than it takes for a person to walk. And during its flight, the drone can record highly detailed videos or photos of the area and send it to the cloud for all team members to review as needed.

2. Access Hard-To-Reach Places

Another benefit of using drones for inspections is that the operator can access hard-to-reach places. The high maneuverability of drones keeps workers safe. Instead of sending a person to perform a risky inspection, the drone can do it with ease.

3. Gather Large Quantities of Relevant Data

Within minutes of sending the drone up, team members have access to data that helps them meet standards for construction accuracy and quality. Use a third-party tool that simplifies storing, managing, and accessing the information so that team members can effectively use drone inspection data. The right tool makes it easier for you to search the data you need to resolve issues or learn more about an aspect of the project.

4. Improve Reporting

Drones an improve the accuracy, timeliness, and regularity of reporting. The ease of using the drone and the greatly reduced time needed to gather detailed data makes it easier to generate reports. Keep stakeholders in the loop with improved reporting.

5. Increase Profitability

Finally, all these factors make it easy for drones to increase the profitability of your civil engineering project. Data from drone inspections can help you avoid claims, secure special funding, ensure best onsite work practices, and increase efficiency.

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