4 Unusual Wedding Planning Ideas

Are you tired of going to wedding after wedding and seeing the same things repeated over and over again? Same décor, same kind of music, same food? If you want your own big day to have something unique and different about it, here are some ideas on how to stand out without compromising on style.

1. Hire historical re-enactors to match your venue

Historical re-enactment is a form of interactive performance whereby actors dress up and perform certain activities as if they were from a different time in history. If your chosen wedding venue has historical significance (for instance because it was built at a certain time and the décor reflects this, or because an important historical event happened in that location) you could hire historical re-enactors to bring a taste of the past to your big day. This will probably work best if there is an interactive element to their performance, so for instance you could ask your actors to recreate a Victorian high society ball and have them instruct you and your guests on the appropriate etiquette and dance steps. If you want to go even further, you could dress according to the historical theme and maybe ask your guests to do the same.

2. Choose a roaming food bar instead of a seated dinner

While seated dinners might be the more traditional form of wedding catering, they can sometimes feel stale and restrictive. At a seated dinner guests are obliged to sit with the same few people for a long period of time, which will give them limited opportunities to spend time with either the newlyweds or the other guests. For a more dynamic wedding reception, have music and a dance floor available from the start and hire a roaming food bar so your guests can eat in-between bouts of dancing. A roaming food bar consists of waiters carrying trays of different canapes and desserts around the room, and a good catering company will give you plenty of different food options to choose from.

3. Set up a few games stations

This one is sure to be a hit if you are inviting lots of kids to your wedding, but adults will love it just as much! There are plenty of entertainment companies out there who will hire out mini-golf kits, backyard games equipment, giant versions of popular games such as chess, photo booths and more. Your guests will never get bored!

4. Hire a live painter

For a stunning memento of your wedding to cherish for the rest of your lives together, hire a live painter to paint your ceremony or wedding reception as it happens. You will agree in advance with the artist which particular moment of the wedding you would like them to immortalize (such as the kiss after the vows or the first dance) and the artist will create the painting live throughout the wedding. Not only will you end up with a beautiful reminder of your special day, but your guests will be entertained by watching the painting come to life in real time. Win-win!

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