4 Things the US Does Differently From Europe

4 Things the US Does Differently From Europe

Every country has its own unique traditions and cultural norms. Some are obvious, like differences in language, holidays, or culinary delicacies. Others, like the differences in this blog, are a little more surprising. Keep reading to learn four things the US does differently from Europe.

Currency Size

In the United States, all paper currency is the same size. Without looking at the person featured on the bill or the number itself, you may not easily know whether you’re holding a one-dollar bill or a 20-dollar bill. In Europe, euro banknotes have varied colors and sizes, making them easy to distinguish without looking at the monetary amount.

Different Electronic Frequency

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you may have learned that American electronics require converters if you want to use them in a European country. The US uses 60hz instead of 50hz due to several factors, including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison’s rivalry and corporate greed. Frequency converters allow travelers and businesses to use American devices in Europe and vice versa.

Tipping Culture

In the United States, tipping is extremely common. Society expects restaurant patrons to leave a tip when dining out, and it has become increasingly common to tip in other environments. In Europe, tipping isn’t as popular. Although some patrons may leave a small tip for excellent service, it’s often a much smaller amount than the tips left by American diners.

Date Format

What day is 3-1? If you ask an American this question, they’ll say March 1st. If you ask a European, they’ll say January 3rd. In the US, people write dates as month-day-year vs. the European convention of day-month-year. If you make plans with a friend or colleague across the Atlantic, make sure to verify which day you’re talking about!

These four things the US does differently from Europe only scratch the surface of the differences between the two places. And with so many countries in Europe today, there are even more differences to discover on your next trip.

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