4 Surprising Things You Can Leave in Your Will

4 Surprising Things You Can Leave in Your Will

Let’s face it. The thought of creating a will isn’t exactly the most cheerful. However, it’s essential and can sometimes be unexpectedly amusing when we dive into some of the weirder things you can leave behind in your will. Instead of solely focusing on the estate and property inheritance, we can venture a little further into the oddities of the legal realm. This post will walk you through four strange and surprising things you can leave in your will as idiosyncratic parting gifts to your loved ones.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The online world has opened up new possibilities for inheritance with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you invest in these currencies, you may, at one point, have wondered: “Can I leave my cryptocurrencies and NFTs in my will?” You sure can! You can bequeath your virtual wallet to someone upon your passing. Moreover, as NFTs are now taking the digital art scene by storm, why not leave a unique artwork or a collectible to a loved one? Being digital assets, these may require including the private keys or other instructions to access them in your will.

Now’s the best time to brag about that one-of-a-kind CryptoKitty or rare digital comic you’ve invested in over the years. Expect some raised eyebrows and giggles in the process, but hey, you’re passing down valuable (and sometimes adorable) digital assets for the future!

Loyalty Points and Air Miles

Did you know you can spread the travel love, even beyond the grave? Many loyalty programs, such as hotel and airline reward schemes, allow transferring points and miles to beneficiaries. These can come in handy for a turbo-charged shopping spree or a soothing vacation. Don’t forget to include your loyalty program account details in your will—your loved ones deserve that first-class upgrade!

Social Media Accounts

We spend a substantial amount of time sharing our lives with the world through social media. And as the world was forced to go virtual, our online presence became even more significant. Preserve your digital legacy by including instructions on how to handle your social media accounts in your will. You can appoint a “digital executor” who’ll manage your accounts or even transform your Facebook profile into a digital memorial.

Body Parts

Elvis’s pelvis, anyone? Though it might sound downright bizarre, you can indeed add specific instructions for bequeathing body parts in your will. Scientists, doctors, or even artists like Damien Hirst might be interested in using your physical self for research, education, or creepy contemporary art. Want to donate your body to a medical school? Make it known in your will!

These are just a few examples of the many surprising things you can leave in your will. From leaving a collection of weird artifacts to pay-for-performance directives, the possibilities are as vast and eccentric as your imagination. So put on your thinking cap (or wizard’s hat), and transform your last will and testament into a delightful, albeit unorthodox, legacy.

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