4 Quick Ways To Destroy Your Portable Restroom

4 Quick Ways To Destroy Your Portable Restroom

The invention of portable restrooms made it easier to have jobs in construction and hold outdoor events. They came along at the right moment, and even though they remain outside, they still require proper care and attendance. If not, they will malfunction and lose their purpose. Check out these four quick ways to destroy your portable restroom.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

There’s no way around it. All porta-potties need regular maintenance. Depending on how frequently people use them, you may need to conduct maintenance sooner than scheduled. By the end of the week, it’s good practice to do a deep clean and maintenance check of every unit.

Tending to porta-potties at the end of the day increases their longevity. Make sure you restock supplies during the maintenance checks, and search for any cracks or damages to the unit that may cause problems down the line.

Misuse of the Interior

It’s important that you implore users to not abuse the porta-potty. Place signs reminding them that only waste and toilet paper should go inside the toilet. Other items will prevent the toilet from working properly.

The blue chemical inside the water is only strong enough to break down certain items. Keep trash containers or bags close by or inside the unit so patrons can dispose of other items, as opposed to them throwing them down the toilet. Misuse of the portable restroom can destroy the holding tank.

Poor Placement

You can’t just place portable restrooms anywhere. Porta-potties require proper placement because if not, they run the risk of tipping over or receiving further damage. Proper placement also protects them from bad weather.

Try to keep them on level surfaces to avoid the risk of high winds and harsh rains blowing them over. You always want to keep them in shaded areas because setting them up directly under the sun can cause strong bacteria and viruses to form due to the heat.

Incorrect Transportation

When it comes time to deliver and drop off the portable restrooms, make sure you follow the proper transportation procedures. It’s important to locate a clear pathway for the porta-potties to avoid any unforeseeable obstacles.

There are special carts and equipment designed to transport the units. Never try and lift them on your own or with someone else; you could potentially injure yourself if you attempt it. Use the contraptions made for transportation to keep you and the units safe.

Try and ensure your portable restroom has a long life by avoiding these four quick ways to destroy them.

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