4 of the Most Beneficial Motorcycle Modifications

4 of the Most Beneficial Motorcycle Modifications

There are plenty of modification options when it comes to motorcycles, but not all of them are worth considering. Riders need to be a bit more careful when modifying their bikes because the small size of the bike makes it easier for things to go wrong. However, here are four of the most beneficial motorcycle modifications and why you should consider them.

Fender Eliminator Kit

Many riders don’t like the way natural motorbike fenders look, so they invest in a fender eliminator kit to give the back of their bike a bit of pizazz. When installing a new fender, the most important thing is ensuring that you hook everything up correctly. Less expensive models or ones that installers neglect to put on correctly often have issues with rear lighting. It’s good to install your fender elimination kit properly to avoid getting into any potential trouble with authorities over a faulty taillight.

Fuel Tuner

The two things many people think about when they hear the word “motorcycle” are power and speed. Modifying your bike to have a fuel tuner ends up improving both. Fuel tuners adjust the air/fuel ratio in your bike for increased power and a few other helpful benefits.

Battery Tender

Some of the most beneficial motorcycle modifications aren’t the most glamorous to look at, but they’re the most practical. A common annoyance with motorcycles is that their batteries tend to die off quickly. The cold winter months, when many bikes sit idly in a garage or shed, are especially tough on the battery. Battery tenders are easy to install, and you plug them in when you’re not using your bike. With this, the battery should last for several years and won’t die on you in about 18 months.

New Tires

This one is entirely up to you, but most manufacturers put the most generic mid-range tires onto a motorcycle unless you’re getting a custom bike. Depending on the terrain you plan to drive on, or how regularly you drive, it’s good to invest in a new set of tires to fit your personal riding needs.

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