4 Innovative Ideas for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

4 Innovative Ideas for Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Sometimes a cleanup job is more than a mop and a bucket of hot water and cleaning solution can handle. Extra-tough jobs require heavy-duty methods. Nowhere is this more apparent than in factories, mills, and other industrial environments. Here are four innovative ideas for heavy-duty cleaning you may not have heard about. Consider them the next time you’re facing a mess that goes above and beyond!

Hydro-Line Jetting

When it comes to cleaning, few things work better than water. Since it’s the universal solvent, water can combine with detergents and other additives and clean up just about any surface with a quick wash and wipe. But some messes can resist a sustained hose-down. In these cases, hydro-line jetting is advisable. Hydro-line jetting releases a stream or multiple streams of high-pressure water. Pressure can reach up to 4,000 pounds per square inch. This force can blast away almost any buildup or obstruction. Hydro-line jetting is ideal for clearing drains, though you should restrict it to more durable pipes since it can cut through plastic and other pipe material if allowed to rest in one place for too long. One other good thing about hydro-line jetting is that it’s chemical free and safe for the environment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Have you ever thought about cleaning with sound? Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasound and a cleaning solution to clean parts, tools, fasteners, molds, and other industrial items. The ultrasound can work with water as well, but the cleaning soap is more efficient and thorough. Ultrasonic cleaning takes only a short time as well. In three minutes or less, it uses bubbles to agitate the soap and force off the dirt, grease, and other contaminants. Sounds like a good idea!

Dry-Ice Blasting

You’ve probably heard of sandblasting, but how about dry-ice blasting? It’s basically the same principle. The difference is that it fires dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, at a surface or object with high-pressure air rather than sand. The dry ice removes the mess without scratching the surface and comes with a bunch of other benefits as well. For one thing, it’s safe since it’s nontoxic. Even better, there’s little cleanup afterward since the carbon dioxide returns to its gaseous state. You just need to sweep up the frozen debris from the buildup you remove.

Microbial Cleaners

The trouble with messes and trash is that, even when you finish cleaning, the resulting waste must go somewhere. Moving a mess from one place to another is necessary, but on a global scale, it adds up and causes more damage to the environment. Imagine if a hungry critter existed that just ate trash and left nothing toxic behind. In many ways, microbial cleaners are like that hypothetical critter. Consisting of bacteria and enzymes that can consume organic waste like hydrocarbons, they can deal with oil, grease, and similar materials.

Those are just four innovative ideas for heavy-duty cleaning. Consider the possibilities if you’re ready to ditch the mop and bucket!

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