4 Advantages of Using Carbide Drill Bits

4 Advantages of Using Carbide Drill Bits

As a manufacturer or a contractor, you need to equip yourself with the tools that can provide you with reliability. This is essential, even if it has to do with the simple task of drilling a hole. If you’re looking for a dependable drill product, it’s time to learn about the four advantages of using carbide drill bits in your work.

Advantage #1 – Sharpness

One of the major advantages of a carbide drill bit is its sharpness. If you are looking for a product that will maintain its edge for a long time, the carbide bit has you covered. Although it may cost more than a cobalt bit, the sharpness makes it worth the extra cost.

Advantage #2 – Strength

Another major difference between carbide and cobalt drill bits is that the carbide product lasts for a longer amount of time. Manufacturers make the bits tough and durable enough to drill through heavy metals. In fact, the material itself is stronger than steel.

The longer life of the carbide also provides you with a long-term advantage. In the end, you will spend less time and money searching for replacements since the bits are less likely to break.

Advantage #3 – Speed

A third advantage of using carbide drill bits in your work is speed. The carbide bit can work at a very high speed as it drills through metals or plastics. This allows you to get your job done much faster and focus more on other tasks that you couldn’t spend a lot of time on.

Advantage #4 – Recyclability

Eventually, you will need to replace your carbide drill bit when it wears down. However, even when that happens, the material has not reached the end of its usefulness. Instead, you can sell the worn bit to recyclers, who will ensure that it gets a second life. You will be able to make a sum for selling the part and have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to the environment by diverting waste from a dump site.

Using carbide drill bits can enhance your company’s performance and help it build a reputation as a green firm. That will allow you to retain your current clients and earn new ones that will help keep your shop busy.

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