3 Ways To Make Your Commute More Fun

3 Ways To Make Your Commute More Fun

Everyone knows about the morning slump. Your alarm goes off, but all you want is five more minutes of sleep. Then, once you drag yourself out of bed, you have to drive to work. Luckily, there are ways to make your commute more fun. These tips will help you shake off the morning slump so that you’re ready to go by the time you get to work.


Who says you have to use a car to commute? There are many reasons to use an e-bike for commuting. For starters, you’ll get a workout that’ll wake you up. Sure, it’s not as much of a workout as a normal bicycle provides, but you’ll still work out your legs and core. Another thing is that you’ll save money by using an electric bike. Plus, you’ll have a blast zooming to work.

Make a Playlist

Another way to make your commute more fun is to listen to music. If you decide to use a car, make a playlist that’ll wake you up in the AM. Put a few soothing tunes on there as well, so you can get focused before you walk into the office. Don’t forget about a few throwbacks, though. They’ll give you a giggle, and you’ll get pumped up for your day.

Take a Different Route

One reason your current commute may not be awesome is that you’re taking the same route every day. Try something different to spice up your routine. Be sure to give yourself some extra time when you leave the door in case you get lost. Taking the scenic route can make your commute more fun. You may find new parts of your town that you didn’t know existed. Perhaps try this on the way home and stop at a nice restaurant you’ve never been to before. Who knows what adventures await?

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