3 Tips for Caring for a Wig in Winter

3 Tips for Caring for a Wig in Winter

Dry winter air zaps the moisture out of everything, creating dry skin, chapped lips, and static electricity. If you’re a wig wearer, you might notice your human hair wig also suffering the same fate as your natural hair. It looks lifeless and frizzy. Like natural hair care routines, you can help revitalize your wig during winter by avoiding styling tools, using deep conditioning, and other methods.

Explore these tips for caring for a wig in the winter to revitalize your wig and protect its longevity.

Deep Condition Your Wig

The key to maintaining a human hair wig in the winter is to treat it as you’d treat your natural hair. Your usual wig conditioner isn’t going to be able to hold onto moisture since there isn’t any moisture in the air. Your wig is more susceptible to breakage than natural hair—your natural hair has oils from your scalp while a wig does not. Deep conditioning restores the soft texture and helps stave off dryness to prevent the wig strands from breaking.

Buy a deep conditioner approved for human hair wigs. They’ll need more intense moisturizing than synthetic wigs.

Reduce Exposure To Styling Tools

The heat from styling tools can also wreak havoc on your wig since there isn’t any moisture between the strands and the tool. Limit using items such as curlers, flat irons, and blow dryers will help you lengthen the lifespan of the wig. When you can, air-dry your wig after washing, and if you need to style it, be sure to use a heat protectant.

Properly Maintain Your Wig

Maintaining your wig is taking thoughtful steps throughout the day to protect it. Detangle snags with a wide-tooth comb so they don’t get worse. You can wrap your wig in a headscarf to create a barrier between it and the moisture-zapping temperatures. And even though you should always take your wig off at night, sometimes that’s not possible. Before heading to bed, cover it with a bonnet or scarf to protect it from pillowcase friction.

Incorporating these tips for caring for a wig in the winter will help maintain the vitality of your wig throughout the cold months ahead!

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