3 of the Most Common Reasons People Drive Drunk

3 of the Most Common Reasons People Drive Drunk

While there’s never a good excuse for anyone to drive drunk, there are many reasons some people do it. While the reasons might not make much sense, they go a long way in allowing you to gain some insight into an intoxicated person’s mind. Along with this, it gives us a chance to recognize dangerous behavior for the future in case it ever happens to us. For that reason, here are the most common reasons people drive drunk.

They Underestimate How Intoxicated They Are

A lot of the time, when people drive while drunk, they underestimate the amount of alcohol they’ve had and their level of intoxication. One of the best ways to prevent this—if you can—is to take the keys away from the driver until they’ve sobered up enough to not be considered intoxicated. The driver will hopefully be understanding and thank you for your actions.

They Don’t Care How Intoxicated They Are

In other situations, the driver may know full well how intoxicated they are and not care about the consequences of their actions. Most often, these people are in some emotional distress or a thrill-seeking attitude. In either case, letting them get onto the road could spell certain death. In these cases, secure their keys and keep them from driving. If you don’t do this, you’re potentially killing not only the driver but any people involved in any accidents the driver causes. Along with securing their keys, try talking to them and addressing their emotions. This could cause them to be less hostile towards you in future interactions.

They Are In Emotional Distress

If the other reasons don’t apply, the drunk driver is most likely in extreme emotional distress. Often times, in these states, many people act irrationally and irresponsibility. Simply put, emotional distress puts people into a horrible state of mind. In this situation, it would be best to first secure their keys. After that, take them to a secluded place where they can talk about what’s bothering them without strangers to overhear or judge. Hear them out and talk to them for as long as they need. If they’re behaving and talking calmly and aren’t overly emotional, you are saving their life.

No matter the case, there are many reasons why people drive drunk. If you’re in the position, it’s your responsibility to ensure they make safe and good decisions. Remember, you could be saving someone’s life.

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