3 Key Elements of Self Promotion

If you are an artist, freelancer, creative worker, or simply someone looking to turn a hobby into a potential revenue stream, you need to engage in self-promotion. There is no one else to get your name out there but you. It is not just your name either; people will want to be able to put a face to the name as well as examples of your skillset. Put these three key elements together to get the job done right.

Content Is King

Whether you are promoting yourself in person or online, you are going to need professionally produced media like photographs, artwork, and written content to use across your promotional materials like a brochure or your website.

These should help you establish your branding too by following a theme or style that suits your product or service. If you are an amateur actor trying to get a break, you will need headshots and reviews of performances to help build your legitimacy with potential agents or directors.

First Impressions Mean Everything

Putting a face to the name is an important part of making a first impression in most industries. Social media has made the selfie a common addition to applications through services like LinkedIn and Fivver. To help you stand out from the crowd, get some professional photos taken.

Creative portrait photography Manchester can give you an edge over the competition and make you more memorable and appear more professional. Lucy Ridges offers portrait photography Manchester and across the country and has a large portfolio of comedian portraits, musician photography, and more. Using a higher level of media in your self-promotion shows the quality and attention to detail you are willing to put into your work, giving your brand an image of quality too.

Be More Social

There is no doubt that social media is the most powerful force in marketing. Whether you are the CEO of a huge corporation, or a small businessman operating in a rural area, apps like Instagram and Facebook can change your life. For some types of businesses, side hustles, and hobbies, social media is a must if you are going to reach a wide audience. Amateur artists can benefit the most, with every type of app offering multimedia posting like videos of songs, high-def pictures of art, or even standup comedy performances.

The key is converting your online following into real-world purchases or ticket sales. If you engage with an online community, whether they are followers or not, and use hashtags or follow other accounts like yours, you can build brand awareness which will lead people organically to your products, services, or events. This makes a sale feel like their idea, rather than coming from marketing; they discover your profile rather than being led there. Tending to your socials should be a daily chore, but with care and attention, it will reap huge rewards.

Get these elements right from day one and you are giving yourself a much better chance of success. Look the part and you’ll be the part and start building a reputation and a business that could free you from the rat race and let you follow your dreams.

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