10 Super Interesting Facts About Oklahoma City

oklahoma city facts

Heading to Oklahoma City?

Brush up on your local knowledge before you go. In this post, we’ll give you some nuggets of knowledge that you won’t get in the guidebooks. 

Read on for 10 facts about Oklahoma City you haven’t heard before.

Impress Your Friends With These Facts About Oklahoma City

Think you know it all about this state capital? Scroll down and we guarantee you’ll learn something new. 

1. It’s One of the Sunniest Cities in America

Oklahoma City gets more than 300 days of sun every year. You can always count on this place for great weather!

2. The Cost of Living Is One of the Lowest in the USA

If you’re looking for life on a budget, this city is ideal. Here, you’ll pay out less than you would in almost any other city in the US.

3. You Can Test Your Detective Skills in Escape Rooms

If you’re looking for something a little different to do while you’re in town, you can try your hand at an escape room.

4. It’s Equidistant From Los Angeles and New York

Oklahoma City sits right in between these two major cities. If you’re ever on a major road trip between the two, it’s an essential stopover! 

5. The Capitol Building Is on an Oil Rig

The Oklahoma State Capitol building is the only one in the world that sits on top of an active oil well.

Just to make it clear, it even has an oil rig right in front of it!

6. It Has 2 Nicknames

Many Oklahoma City residents refer to their hometown as OKC. However, it’s also acquited a new name due to its reputation for friendly residents. These days, many people call it ‘The Big Friendly’. 

7. Parking Meters Started Here

The first-ever parking meter was in Oklahoma City. 

It was installed in the 1930s as a way to curb parking downtown and cost 5 cents an hour. 

8. It Once Had 5 Tornadoes in 1 Day

Oklahoma City experiences more tornadoes than any other city in the USA.

On June 8, 1974, it even saw 5 different tornadoes – making a new world record for tornado strikes in a single day.

9. Its Name Translates to ‘Red People’

In the Choctaw language, ‘Okla’ means ‘people’ and ‘humma’ is ‘red’. This makes it ‘land of the red people’. 

10. It’s Home to a Famous Ghost

Legend has it that the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, which is the longest-standing in the city at over 100 years old, has a resident ghost.

Locals say it’s haunted by the ghost of Effie, a housekeeper who leaped to her death from the top floor many years ago. 

Even NBA players have attested to her hauntings, saying they’ve heard floorboards creaking, doors slamming and even babies crying in the night when no one else is around. 

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With these facts about Oklahoma City, you’ll never be short of a conversation starter on your next trip there.

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