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Anonymous in the West, temporary marriage is, basically, a contractual deal between a man and a woman who decide to be married for an agreed period of time varying from one hour to 99 years. This custom is practiced among the Shiites of Iran and Iraq, although not a part of Quranic teachings. In Iran, a man – bachelor or married, and a woman – virgin, divorced, or widowed, can, at any time enter into a temporary marriage contract, commonly known as sigheh or nekah-e-monghate’e.  TBH, most people might be SMH, but it is true.  Don’t know if this can full under OTP.

In a temporary marriage contract, no registration or witness is required. As per the proponents of this arrangement, it is considered as a means of curbing free sex and control prostitution.  Also, the arrangement allows a man to have ‘sigheh’ wives to an extent that is affordable by him.  But a woman, on the other hand, is allowed to enter only one such relationship at a point of time.  Moreover, the woman is also paid the compensation amount before entering the contract.

iran culture

However, no couple can enter another contract before completing a waiting period of three months or an elapse of two menstrual cycles. This waiting period is referred as ‘edda’.  The trend of temporary marriage is, conversely, not liked by the educated middle class families.  Also, some women are predisposed to think it as legal prostitution and, therefore, oppose the trend.  This trend is, therefore, practiced more commonly by women who are either divorced or widowed.  Additionally, the trend is also popular among theological seminaries and the clergy.

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Marriage In Iran
The death penalty is faced by Individuals of same sex orientation in Iran. Homosexuality is contrary to the law in the Islam Republic of Iran. The Islam system, sharia, condemns homosexuality as a crime worthy of death. Individuals are threatened by the offender with the death penalty and lashes. The death penalty is constantly faced by men if they were the partner in a homosexual act. As women, making them all the unnatural men behave in agreement with the logic. The partner get 100 lashes, and faces the death penalty under specific conditions. Ladies get a sentence of 100 lashes in most situations.  Plenty to chew on for a conversation starter.

As Luti, individuals of same sex orientation are known From the judiciary. This is a term based from Lot from Genesis and the Koran, and Lot’s people. 30 one might punishs A confession to seventy four lashes. A confession replicated 4 times is considered adequate proof of guilt for the complete penalty of 100 lashes or the death penalty. The version mandated an active player would get the death penalty. Nonetheless, only around 74 lashes for minors from the earlier version’s restriction was removed in the new edition. Further Explanation – portions of the Iranian penal code is staggering to Europeans to read, and may only be understood from the context of Islam law, and the other Iranian laws based from it. 

For instance: Art. 234 mentions a permanent wife. According to Islam law, marriage to a woman who isn’t sexually mature is permitted, so long as their defender and a spiritual judge agrees. Girls consent isn’t required. The consent of the Shia cleric is usually easy to obtain. Theoretically, girls can be married in infancy in Iran. Nevertheless, vaginal relationship with them is allowed from the age of 9, before that, it isn’t punishable, but the girl might not be disowned later. Reform of the Iranian Criminal Code – Following a long period of preparation, a revised penal code has been put in effect since May 14, 2013 in Iran. 

Nevertheless, the most of the content that violates human rights is still a part of the new offender code, in certain areas, it became even more severe. The new Iranian criminal code carries on to violate the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, international law, the UN Standard Minimum Rules, and binding human rights arrangements which Iran has ratified in lots of ways. Please see the article below for more info about male and female same sex activity from Iran. Penal Laws of the Islam Republic of Iran – Part II – The Hadd punishment – Chapter One: Adultery – Article 232 – Where a male or female confesses to zina less than four times, s\/he shall be sentenced to thirty one to seventy four lashes of tazir punishment of the sixth grade.

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