Few Facts about Maya people

maya civilization

Maya Civilization

Maya people were masters of mathematics and calendars and they were keeping track of time using three separate calendars.  For predictions about the beginning and end of the “world” they used “Long Count” calendar.   And on December 21st 2012, the Long Count will be at the point zero which Maya predicts as the end of time and beginning of the new world.

The Mayas were very accurate in their predictions and they predicted invasions on their soil and the World Wars.  Most interesting fact about Mayans was their artificial cranial deformation practice.  They believed that flat heads represent nobility so they flattened babies heads with two large sticks and newborns were left for days to endure pain.

When Spanish missionaries arrived, for them, one of the most surprising things was the deformity of the Mayans heads.  Some wrote that in certain cases you could openings behind the Mayans ears.  Some believe that Mayans tried to look like someone.  Maybe early alien visitors?

The Maya had a complicated religion with an enormous pantheon of gods. The Maya considered a specific shade of blue to be a very considerable color. The Maya had many diverse gods. The Maya believed they would still play their ball game even as soon as they died. The Maya deforested via the use of slash-and-burn agriculture a method still utilised in their old stomping grounds today, hence the researchers understand the way that it works.

The wealthy and diverse culture of the Mayan civilization a part of what makes their sudden disappearance even more interesting. Mayan society was vibrant, but it may also be brutal. The Olmec society was constructed on agriculture. It’s rare to locate a historical society who had friendly trading partners in addition to enemies. Aztec civilization was constructed around corn cultivation. In some instances, Maya antiquities are returned to their country of origin.

Maya regions are ecologically divided into three kinds of areas. Every one of the various cultural areas developed their very own unique agricultural styles. Some cities were rather large. The majority of the cities incorporates some kind of pyramid, if it be a pyramid shaped doorway or a genuine pyramid. Each Mayan city has its very own special type of art. You can go to the Maya city of Copan and look for clues to its collapse.

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55 Comments on “Few Facts about Maya people”

  1. I have been through this before. It used to depress me when people would look back, back ,back to other cultures whose world views don’t apply to ours. Brillient? Yes. But for the Mayans what we see as science was to them was a tool to some how figure out how the relm of there Gods opperated. For me to think that thr mayan calander was going to pridict the future I may as well take up sacrificing the hearts of my enimies on an alter.
    Global warming was pridicted not by a Mayan calander. It was pridicted by men and women who understood the scientific method.

  2. At 2012, we will experience magnetic polar changes, making our North Pole into South Pole. This was predicted by Albert Einstein and it will most probably not mean the end of mankind. This will expose us to three times the radiation since our magnetic field that protects us from radiation will weaken during the change. That means we’ll suffer more cancer due to overexposure to radiation, but I think we will develop a cure for cancer or our body will just adapt to it. Humans have always overcome obstacles and thats why we’re still the dominant
    species on this planet.

  3. The mayans whole way of life was built around the end of the world, they were obsessed by it. And indeed their calender was ingenious. But it would not apply to us, they worshiped statues and as pedro mentions, we have a better understanding of the world now, then any other civilisation in our history.

  4. I don’t belive wat the mayans have predicted. The Bible says “no man knoweth the day nor the hour” and i believe the Bible ;therefore the mayans do not i repeat DO NOT know the end of time.

  5. I think everyone shoul stop hating on the Mayans. They predicted what they could with what amazing knowledge they had, to discredit them proves that we as mankind now, are more arrogant than we should be.

  6. leave the mayans alone and prove that there was a god or a jesus and that they were not just a by product of a good story teller

  7. The bible also speaks of the end of the world… In actual fact its the end of an age and the begining of a new one(Age of Aquarius)
    So you see, the Bible (and any other text of any other religion) is only as true as its translation.

  8. god knows **** all! the bible totally contradicts itself! there is no proof of god or jesus and to be honest it all sounds like a guy with a really god imagination creating the ‘god’ we know today.

  9. I have been studying latin for about 11 years now, and consider myself (a little bit arrogantly) as an expert. I have recenty discovered a mistranslation in it. The mistranslation is on Mathew 1:2 you know the one that begins:

    ”Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob….”

    it goes on and on and on and on for ages.
    Well the word previously thought to mean begat, actually means….


  10. The Mayans made a prediction based on scientific fact. However, we know much more today and are able to rule out their prediction. It is very impressive that they were able to predict the shifting of the poles.

    N.B. anyone who wants to discuss science on a forum like this, please do not refer to the Bible, Religion, or God’s “all knowing power” (note the sarcasm)

  11. I love how most religious people, are the most Uptight, Closed-Minded, and inslaved people on our planet. Good job in discrediting yourselves you egotistical idiots.

  12. There is no evidence for a polar reversal in 2012 and there was no way for the mayans to know when it will happen next or that it has ever happened, seeing how the last polar reversal took place 780 thousand years ago. Polar reversal can be recorded by veiwng the magnetic alingment of sedimentary rocks for various ages. THE NEXT POLAR REVERSAL IS PREDICTED TO BE IN 3000-4000 AD, not in 3 years.
    A polar reversal will not cause the world to end because it has happend before and the world is still here, and it will not cause any mass extinctions because the recorded reversals of the poles do not coincide with any mass extinctions.

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson debunks another 2012 myth

  13. actually the most magnificent evidence for magnetic polar reversals is in the mid ocean ridge basalts….which are igneous – but also in sedimentary rocks too….

    also I like to refer to the whole hot button topic of “Global Warming” as “Global Climate Change” which is also a beautiful recurring theme throughout the geologic record….you know if you believe that record more than that book that dude wrote on mountain…hey I have an ego what can I say – you offend me by trashing my books – I’ll stoop to your level

  14. Oh please, there is no god. The bible was written by a MAN trying to unite his kingdom. Him and a few other men decided what to put in it, and many of the “holidays” ironically coincide with pagan celebrations. Learn the facts. I believe what the Mayans predicted more than some silly book.

  15. The Mayans predictions are real and true, i would bet my life on it. on dec. 21st 2012 the poles are going to shift causing a series of natural disasters which are going to wipe out mankind. end of story.

  16. looks like people started to believe in the ape man! hahaha how do you even trust the fact that those people almost centuries ago predicted this unless u have some concrete evidence and not some rock drawings. its all mumbo jumbo… grow up..

  17. Sooo, does this mean I don’t have to buy Christmas gifts in 2012? Seriously though I predict this will be another Y2K. A ton of stress and worry for nothing. But if I’m wrong feel free to call me a dumb dumb on Dec. 22 2012. Oh wait…..

  18. they didnt predict that the world was going to end the calendar just runs out then. and the mayans were smart for their time but they can’t predict the end of the world.

  19. Really??? Yall are acting like teenagers (which is what I am) fighting over something that needs to be forgotten.
    Our nation does not understand that the Maya predicting the end of the world in 2012 was a…PREDICTION!!
    I believe the end of the world will come when no one leasts expects it.
    We really don’t need to think a whole lot on the past or the ending of our world but on present day stuff.

  20. Maybe the Mayan calendar guy got killed or got fat and lazy and stopped making calendars…who would wanna do that forever?

  21. I remember my geography teacher talking about the polar shift and the consequences, never thought it to be so soon.
    On new years eve 2011 I will be hiding under my blanket

  22. WEll, be it polar shifts, end of the world, or great change call it what you will. The truth is change and eveloution is happening, and as our ancestors before us they either made the cut or not. As far as the God fearers are concern it is true no MAN will know the hour of the second coming ie.end of time! As for the science lovers it is true we are made up of energy infact the iron that runs through our viens are the same that the stars contain. On Dec.12,2012 it will not be the end of civilation. Just the end of our egotic, selfcentered, selfish ways. We will become fully aware of what truly is and what isn’t. I can go on with many truths but too many are to dense to understand. This I know because my grandparens still speak the ancient language of the Mayans.

  23. All I want to contribute re: God in all this….I would rather live my life knowing God and accepting His Son and when I pass from this world will be saved. If I don’t believe and I’m wrong,my entire eternity will be without God and then it’s too late people!!!

  24. these comments and everything else is stupid, we all know the world is not going to end!! come on, guys seriously, this world is strong and alot of things have changed since those cultures hypothisized all this info. so come on, we all know this real answer.

  25. The World Is Gonna End when The North And South Pole Switch or Something Like That && We’re ALL Gonna Passout for three Day and Some People will Never wake up And Some people Will Wakeup (The healthier People) My Uncle has Read Many Books && He says Theyrs Also A secret.but he Can’t say anything

  26. maya calander prediction is right the wold is going to end on 21 dec 2012 so live life freely enjoy u r life till u r there on ths beautiful world no one knows what will happen next so live up ur live nd enjoy it may b this calander is true…….

  27. What is this website even suppose to be? When I get on this with little kids around me, they have to turn their heads becuase of some of the nasty language. The internet is not suppose to be an empty what you think out. But atleast watch your language please…..

  28. people say only god knows the time and date of the end but then how did the Mayans know when they would be invaded and killed by the Spanish? and if you say god told them i will laugh

  29. For one, the mayans reset their calenders every once in a while. December 21, 2012 was just the date they were going to set their long calender again. Also, magnetic shifts aren’t uncommon. Every couple thousand years they happen. And anyway, why would a reverse in polarity have any negative effects on Earth?

  30. Religion. This is very interesting to me although I am not a believer. It seems logical to me that the purpose behind religion is to provide a means of discipline, for the most part. Without it humans may have evolved into savages, maybe. It is said that death is the ultimate fear for many people, and religion provides comfort for that. We spend our entire lives repeating daily activities, going through the same routines. This provides us with comfort as we are familiar with our surrounding and know what to expect as an outcome from our actions. Death on the other hand is a gateway into the unknown, which in turn causes fear. Predictability isn’t a valid element when it comes to death, therefore rendering everything as “unknown.” At any rate, everyone has a right to believe in what they want, and I can completely accept that. However, what I can’t accept is when religious folks attempt to impose their nonfactual beliefs onto others, as being the only correct way.

    Ignorance. No body knows anything. It would be wrong of me to deny “God’s” existence (or Allah, Buddha, etc) because I can’t prove it, so I have adopted a neutral perspective as it satisfies both possible outcomes. Furthermore, as humans, our understanding of life and purpose is limited to our surroundings, perspectives, and the things which have been around us since birth. That being said, anything mostly outside of our planet that is or seems impossible CAN very well be possible. There is absolutely no evidence to tip the scale towards a definite answer. If there is no proof, you can’t label something as impossible. I am referring to theoretical suggestions such as time travel, intelligent life on other planets (btw – the Vatican started looking into the possibility of intelligent life in other parts of the universe. Don’t believe me? Google it!), big bang, Mayan predictions, religious beliefs and so on.

    End of the world. The Mayans did NOT predict the end of the world. They said our way of life as we know it will change, a new world is to form. We are “entering an age of change and conflict.” Yes, this can be “interpreted” as being the end of the world, but it can also mean that humanity will evolve and/or change for the better. There is no concrete evidence yet, but with the recently predicted upcoming solar storms, a lot of new researches have been funded; researches to help understand the sun’s immediate effect (not purpose) on our planet. There are studies in progress which suggest a direct relationship between the sun’s magnetic waves, Earth’s magnetic field, ocean currents, going all the way to human and animal behavior. Now, IF the solar storms come, and IF our planet will reverse its polarity, it is PROBABLE that severe storms will ensue from ocean currents being disrupted, volcanoes will erupt and major earthquakes will take place, best explained as the domino effect. Depending on the potential existence of a magnetic field surrounding each living and breathing organism (see Acupuncture), during a polar field shift, people/animals MAY experience a wide array of things from illness, to disorientation, all the way to the other side of the spectrum like enlightenment, etc. We are already starting to see signs of this with the recent earthquakes, and the volcano which grounded almost all European airlines. We have also reached record breaking prescriptions for anti-depressants, and other behavioral changing medicine.

    Conclusion. Whether you accept an all-knowing, all-powerful being as your savior, or whether you believe that humanity is nothing more than an advanced form of bacteria, killing a molecule on the back of a donkey’s ass in an alien world, you should at least try to keep an open mind. Understanding that we as an entire species really don’t know too much about anything is crucial. Since the stone age, we have continued to advance in more and more fields, understanding how things in our life work. Since, we have mastered many things and continue to do so. If you can’t prove something, the only acceptable label for it would be “possible” or “probable”. I don’t belive in God but I can’t argue that he doesn’t exist because I have no proof. I do belive ‘something’ will happen ‘around’ 12-21-2012 but again, I can’t argue the validity of that since I have no proof. This post should not have been labeled as an interesting “fact” because facts require evidence to support what they claim.

  31. When they Mayans predicted this date as the end of time and the beginning of the new world i believe they were refering to the astrological ties with the “Zodiac Ages”. We are currently living in the age of Pisces. In the year 2012 the Age of Pisces will have ended. where a new era, Aquarius, will then begin. It is not necessarily the end of time but it is the end of our 1986.37 year long age (Pisces).

  32. i don’t know if this 2012 thing is real or not, all i know is no one can disprove it. so you know what? on december 21 2012 i’m going to party my ass off, crack open a beer, get some ****, and sit back and wait for something to happen. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!! BEER, REEFER, AND DRUNK HOT WHITE BITCHES FOR EVERYONE!!!

  33. I would like to say on this topic, one person commented saying that you should live life to the fullest because this is going to happen, the world will end in december 2012… uhuh.. well you should live life to the fullest anyway because tomorrow, you could be hit by a bus.

  34. Matt wrote: #
    A race who could see the future is now extinct? no sense

    as i said matt they predicted there own extinction by the Spanish and was right even Nostradamus predicted the day they opened his coffin

  35. This is a reply to Matts very interesting view on things, which i agree with for the most part. You summerised your piece by claiming that this is not a fact and so therefore shouldnt be on this website stated as fact. But, the title of this is, “Maya predicts our future”, this is a fact, they did predict the world will change on this certain date. It’s not claiming the prediction is correct/fact.

  36. Im a little scared they seemed to know alot more than we give them credit for. A very powerful people with still so many secrets. we should take more time to try to understant the myians so we know what to expect!!

  37. I think the Mayans were incredible intelligent people but I like to see that the coming of 2012 is more of a social and economic change as opposed to a extinction end.
    The world as we know it is going through dramatic change what with political exposure, corruption, economic decline and and uprising to revolution and change.
    I do think that we are on the brink of change and we have tension pulling the world in two possible directions:

    1. the direction of the freedom fighter and libertarians who want to decide their own destiny. not comfounded by dissolution of civil rights and freedoms.Free from the NWO and the elitest groups in charge.stand against those slave makers AKA the bankers; I mean the fat cats.

    2. Global dominance and tyranny. Human rights? what human rights. Being enslaved by the secretist reime that is ready to strike. This is wel descripted in the 1984′ G. Orwell book…..oh the future is dark, its uncertain.

    Nonetheless, away from my gloomy predictions the revolts of the last couple of weeks in Tunisia and Egypt makes me have a degree of faith that people and starting to wake up and take responsibility of their own country.

    Peace out.

  38. cody wrote: #
    i don’t know if this 2012 thing is real or not, all i know is no one can disprove it. so you know what? on december 21 2012 i’m going to party my ass off, crack open a beer, get some ****, and sit back and wait for something to happen. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!!! BEER, REEFER, AND DRUNK HOT WHITE BITCHES FOR EVERYONE!!!

    Hell yeee brother C U there

  39. The Mayans stopped writing about the future of the world, because they ran out space! 🙂 If you think the end of world will be then, please dont waste your money in the bank: Send a cashier money order to me; I know what to do with it and happy trailers! 🙂

  40. The one who is predicted this,i am damn sure he ,even himself, don’t know when he is going to die. world will end when it is decided to, neither a minute before, nor a minute later.so kindly don’t burn your blood in fear of death or, end of earth,for, we might die before that happen.

  41. The Mayans were visited before they became great mathematicians and astronomers , by a white man with a long white beard , oddly enough in a row boat , not seen before ! This peculiarity produced a man with a great wealth of wisdom and intelligence , who gave this knowledge freely to the Mayans , who then learnt to advance it . The great wisdom was sent through the America’s to the different peoples , like the Incas , Aztecs , Apache , Sioux etc… passed down through generations of course , but their extinction was based on two reasons – 1. Self fulfilling prophecy (always reverse it , you are not animals acting purely on instinct,) and the fact that the Incas and Aztecs , thought that the Conquistadors were the race of the white man with the white beard , who gave them the wisdom , returning to help them further , and with this terrible mistake , let their guards down and got abused and then wiped out !!!

  42. very weird that archeologists stil that mayas deformed their babys heads that way. want a true fact? the human scul bone DO NOT ELONGATE or CHANGE VOLUME just cus the deformation. you just get a weird deformation but NEVER elongation. So now you know poeple. Read and research before beliving in everything scients sais.

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