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angler fish mating
Nature Facts

Angler Fish Interesting Mating Facts

Angler fish is a deep sea creature known by its lantern which attracts the pray in dark waters.For them to find a suitable partner can be a impossible quest. For this reason when male finds a female it latches on her and spends the rest of his life feeding from his female partner. After certain time the male loses his organs and their skin melt into each other’s becoming one organism.  Scientists were puzzled by this discovery because consequently the male becomes a small lump on the female’s body. The lump that is always available source of sperm. The male angler fish finds a female by following her odor in the vast ocean. In sense it gives itself completely to became senseless creature that is no more than ordinary parasite.

Popular Facts

Nature Facts

Koala Sex Life

Female koalas have become infamous for engaging in lesbian sex. Females often overlook males and participate in sexual acts with other females, … Keep Reading

People Facts

Andy Warhol Facts

Andy Warhol was American Pop Artist famous for his painting of Campbell’s Soup cans. His real name was Andrew Warhola originally from Czechoslovakia, but born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His very first movie was called ‘Sleep’ and it was 6 hour long never ending masterpiece of his friend sleeping. Nine people attended premiere. Seven of them… Keep Reading

Nature Facts

Lassie Facts

Although most known Scottish shepherd, Lassie, is white-brown, original Collies were mostly tricolor: white, brown and mostly black (on the back).rnrnIt\’s also interesting that Collies are better known as \”Lassie\”, than \”Collie\” or \”Scottish shepherd\”. Keep Reading

People Facts

Is Someone Lying To You?

Lie is usually manifested by these signs: a sudden increase in the number of \”ums\” and \”ahs.\”, overly defensive, no eye contact, lying is stressful, they will try to be sarcastic, turning his body away from you, talking fast, making statements that contradict each other, unusual body language or a hand reaching to cover mouth. Keep Reading

Technology Facts

Building Spins 360 Degrees?

Company in Brazil (Suite Vollard) constructed a building in which each floor can rotate 360 degrees. Each building has 11 apartments and each apartment can spin individually in any direction. One rotation takes a full hour, but apartment owner can set rotation speed through apartment control panel. Facades are made of three different types of… Keep Reading

Technology Facts

Printers Spy On You

Printer manufacturers print invisible yellow dots on consumer\’s prints that check to see if a person is printing counterfeit money. If you call your printer manufacturer and ask them to \”please stop spying on you\”, they will send secret services to your address to find out why you care about your privacy. Upset? You should… Keep Reading

Nature Facts

Hypoallergenic Cats

People that are allergic to cats will be able to pet them without sneezing and scratching. Genetically engineered cats will be produced to help people with allergies enjoy their sneeze-free kitties Allerca, Inc., a biotechnology firm in San Diego, California, says it has bred Hypoallergenic Cats and is now taking orders from customers in the… Keep Reading

Internet Facts

Myspace Facts

MySpace was founded by former Friendster members Chris Dewolfe and Tom Anderson in 2003. They saw opportunity to beat Friendster with more options and less restrictions for social network users. MySpace was purchased in 2005 for $580 million by Rupert Murdoch creator of a media empire that includes 20th Century Fox and the Fox television… Keep Reading

Politics Facts

George Washington Facts

On February 22, 1732 George Washington was born. George Washington was the only of all Founding Fathers to free his slaves. Marijuana was the primary crop grown by George Washington at Mount Vernon. He was the first Mason to serve as president. Washington rejected a movement among army officers to make him king of the… Keep Reading

Technology Facts

Subway Ticket Gates

The East Japan Railway Company (JR-East), as part of research aimed at developing more environmentally friendly train stations, is testing an experimental system that produces electricity as people pass through ticket gates. Keep Reading

Nature Facts

Birds Commit Suicide

It is believed that in a small town in North Eastern part of India (Jatinga) birds commit suicide in a particular 1.5 km long and around 200 meters wide strip of field area. These birds are not suicidal since their behavior may be attributed to heavy rains and floods and submergence of their natural habitat… Keep Reading

Science Facts

Dogs Head Lives Without Body

In 1940 Dr. S.S. Bryukhonenko at the Institute of Experimental Physiology and Therapy, Voronezh, U.S.S.R conducted research where he experimented with dogs and proved that dogs head can live without its body for three days. Special artificial conditions were created to power the head with arterial and venous pumps. Dog’s isolated head reacted to all… Keep Reading

World Facts

The Pyramids Were White

The stereotypical vision of the Egyptian Pyramids are large mountain like brown piles of stone uprooting from the desert having a rough contour. Though when first constructed around 2500 BC. The pyramids were paper white and as smooth as glass, toping the pyramid was a golden capstone that gleamed in the desert sun. It was… Keep Reading

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