Yawning Facts

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Have you ever wondered why when someone yawns, the other person follows suit? Yawning is caused due to low levels of oxygen in the air, which makes the body intake large amounts of oxygen. The reason why yawning is said to be contagious is because when we do so, we are actually activating our nervous system. This has something to do with the survival instinct we have inherited in the course of evolutionary past. In the primitive years, when someone would yawn, the whole group would become alert and get better at sensing danger.


  1. As I read, I held in mind the (colossal) debate upon whether or not the theory of evolution could possibly be a fact. And if that’s put into consideration, than why (or) how could the action of yawning be an inherited survival instinct.
    Also then, bringing me to question the validation process that this website states it reviews and researches over each fact before submission.

  2. i was sure it was when your body is tired yawning was to relax you and prepare you for sleep that’s just my personal thought .I guess because your body is tired it takes in less oxygen so your brain makes you yawn and the relaxing part is getting more air xp

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