Sun Gazing Facts

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Sun gazing is perhaps one of the most mistaken-for and clouded practices pursued by fanatics across the globe! This is a classic example of the clash between science and spirituality. While spirituality claims that gazing at the sun for long periods of time improves your eyesight as well as decreases your appetite and makes you healthier, it is not seconded by science. On the contrary, science claims that the practice of sun gazing is extremely harmful to our eyes and may even cause permanent blindness.


  1. Sun gazing is not a practice where you stare at the sun but rather you stare with your Third eye at the sun with your head absorbing the sun’s rays. Not your eyes, that’s obviously against our human nature to do smh

  2. Good say Corina, ha ha..n point in answering to shallow minded ones..Maybe it is not for people who are sceptics n not yet enlightened spiritually ..Not for unbeliever or people who fear it..Not for people who laughed or sneered at us for d mention of third eye.

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