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Kirlian Photography

Man has forever been captivated by photography and the ability to be able to capture images and memories forever. The question that arises is whether the use of Kirlian photography can be used to capture ghosts and spirits on camera. The right use of equipment and technique in Kirlian photography will enable one to capture the aura that exists around all living creatures. This gives a person who is well-versed ability to read the auras of people and tell them their interpretations. This way the use of Kirlian photography can lead one to be able to do more than just take photographs.

This method has been invented in 1939 by Semyon Kirlian by placing a film on metal plate that has been applied with high voltage current. Any object placed on the film would show auras or halo around the object. It was believed that this is something supernatural, but in reality it is just moisture and temperature that is released from the object into photographic film.

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candy burton
Wheres the app? How can we get this
candy burton at 02:47AM, Jan 8th 2014.
ed metro
very interesting
ed metro at 01:06PM, Dec 18th 2013.
Does ghost exist????????????????????????
and can it be captured at cameras????????
krishna at 07:11AM, Apr 29th 2013.

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