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Is Someone Lying To You?

Lie is usually manifested by these signs: a sudden increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs.", overly defensive, no eye contact, lying is stressful, they will try to be sarcastic, turning his body away from you, talking fast, making statements that contradict each other, unusual body language or a hand reaching to cover mouth.

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I think that it could be that lying would get them a result that would be defferint than the one they would receive if they told the truth. They don't know if the woman will be okay with them having a relationship with someone or not prior to lying. So, they don't risk it. They most likely just want to get in her pants. Or, they are looking, at that day and time, for someone before breaking up with the girlfriend or wife. There is not one easy answer for why someone does anything, especially on this level of thinking or feeling. The thing to do is to protect yourself by getting to know someone over time. That way, if something is being covered up, you will notice things about their behavior that doesn't add up or is suspicious. Most people can keep an act up for three or four months. So, give a relationship at least this much time before taking it to the next level. Don't invest yourself too deeply with anyone until you feel you really know them and this takes time. Keep dating other people until one person has shown you that they deserve your trust and love. Love isn't instant. It is hard to learn. Even love at first sight will take time to nurture and grow. If someone gives you the time to make this happen they deserve your trust.
Raja at 02:27PM, Sep 27th 2012.
Matt personal trainer
The whole World is a lie , all professional lyers ! They claim to know everything ? Does war , sickness , heartbreak etc... sound like they know everything ? I think its blady stupid !!!
Matt personal trainer at 06:51AM, Dec 25th 2011.
Lee Colin
He is honest. That is the problem. The infrastructure is set up for dis-honest, greedy, self serving polititions-like most Republicans.
Lee Colin at 06:14PM, Aug 20th 2011.
if anyone is interested in this subject you should watch Lie to me, a great series based on a true research.
t at 10:26AM, Feb 5th 2011.
the picture says it all
sachin at 12:07PM, Jan 24th 2011.
great picture for the fact......lying is bad
person at 01:58PM, Nov 5th 2010.
Actually its common to look away when your telling the truth since you're recalling an event. People who lie tend to make eye contact more to make it seem as though they aren't lying, its a myth.
PB at 02:34AM, Aug 26th 2010.
Chicken Lips
This is old hat for a South African politician.

Chicken Lips at 05:00AM, Jun 8th 2010.
The lack of eye contact is a myth. Liars increase eye contact in hope of you thinking that eye contact equals truth.
Caine at 11:00PM, May 7th 2010.
No One can tell when I lie and I can't tell when People lie i just have a feeling in my gutt!!And i'm Usually right
YssY at 10:55PM, Mar 30th 2010.
I think you need to put a photo of Obama on this one!
Em at 09:54AM, Mar 2nd 2010.
weener at 04:38PM, Dec 17th 2009.
thats so true, i told a lie today about killing a goat and i pretty much did all of them lol
tom.w at 10:02AM, Sep 28th 2009.
anniebetty wrote: #
we like the vocals for this fact

we are blind

in a bit xxx

What does being blind have to do with it??
ihatelee. at 08:17AM, Sep 14th 2009.
Mario Valenz
When I lie no one can tell, everyone just believes me. It's cool sometimes, but its kind of like having the power of invisibility but you really wanna show off a new hair cut. I'm just kidding, none of that ever happened, but you believed it. See what I mean? ... ... ...
Mario Valenz at 04:25AM, Aug 4th 2009.
That's very true, whenever I lie I make DIRECT eye contact but I am overly defensive.
David at 12:21PM, Jun 1st 2009.
Eric Medina
Also, people explain what they're lying about in unnecessary excessive detail. And 'lol' at the picture XD.
Eric Medina at 03:43PM, May 26th 2009.
lie to me !
corey at 10:06AM, Mar 16th 2009.
Brooke LaBrake
perfect picture for this fact hahaha!
Brooke LaBrake at 01:58PM, Aug 27th 2008.
we like the vocals for this fact

we are blind

in a bit xxx
anniebetty at 12:13PM, Jan 5th 2008.

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