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Bella Coola Tribe Facts

The Bella Coola Tribe, which is also known as the Bellacoola, Belhoola or Bilqula tribe, is a small Indian tribe that resides at a reservation around Bella Coola in British Columbia. The Bella Coola tribe consists of about six hundred people at this time.

The tribe had featured about fourteen hundred member at its peak in the late nineteenth century. The tribe was especially prominent along the Bella Coola River of British Columbia. Also, gold was discovered in the area around the settlement in 1851, thus ensuring that the Indians could make consistent contact with white traders. However, as the century came to the close it was impacted significantly by smallpox and starvation.

The tribe used the Bella Coola language that is in the Salishan language family. Also, the main subsistence in the area worked with fishing and hunting with some trade involved. A social structure that involved an aristocracy and shamans was used during the prime of the tribe's existence. Also, five different geographical groups were used with chiefs ruling their groups.

A unique cosmology was also used. This stated that there are two heavens and two hells and that a female deity named QAma'its ruled them.

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I am in 5th grade and I need help with the beliefs of the bellacoola tribe
brianna at 06:30PM, Oct 12th 2014.
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mcdonalds at 02:15PM, May 9th 2014.

you need more information like what were the roles in the tribe or what did they have in the land or what do they need to survive because i am doing a school project and your information didnt really help me.
bob at 07:31PM, Apr 28th 2014.
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Gaydad at 11:04PM, Jan 14th 2013.
Gabriella Robinson
Cool facts this will help alot with my school project
Gabriella Robinson at 12:15PM, Oct 29th 2012.
Kara wrote:
The photo that accompanies this article should be removed or replaced as it does not accurately reflect the Bella Coola people. Bella Coola's homes were made from cedar and spruce trees. They built pit-style homes as well as long houses. They did not live in teepees, which were more typically found across central North America.

actually the image above is exactly the housing used by the Bella Coola nation. These homes were easy to tear down and move to the next village up the river to take full advantage of the fishing.
There are some other west coast nation that had more permanant housing but not the bella coola

kathleen at 01:31AM, Mar 25th 2012.
sahar millaar
sahar millaar wrote:
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sahar millaar
cool thanks any more info :)
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I am doing a report on this yay! this is good info also here is a good site to use for info it gives you food they eat what they hunt, how they live, and what they wear and celebrate. ps. I am not happy thier is not alot of books about them ugh!!!! i need some books about them!!!! bye and good luck finding info about The Bella Coola Tribe!!!!!!
samantha at 11:05PM, Dec 6th 2010.

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