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Dragon Blood Tree

factsThe dragon blood tree is one of the most popular natural wonders growing in and around the Mediterranean region. The tree gives out a deep scarlet colored sap, which is why it is given the peculiar name. The sap is believed to have excellent healing qualities and is used by the locals to cure various diseases and wounds. It is a popular practice to use the gum extracted from the roots of these awe-striking trees in the manufac... full fact »


Koala Sex Life

factsFemale koalas have become infamous for engaging in lesbian sex. Females often overlook males and participate in sexual acts with other females, sometimes in orgies with up to 5 female koalas. This behavior has only observed in captive koalas though, who surprisingly engage in only one heterosexual mating act for every 3 homosexual mating acts. There are many theories as to why this occurs, from 'turning the males on' and to re... full fact »


Lenticular Clouds Facts

factsA special type of cloud is often mistaken for a UFO. These clouds, known as 'lenticular clouds' form above a mountain when a breeze creates a number of 'standing' waves on the downwind side of the mountain. If the temperature is right the moisture will condense to produce a lens or saucer shaped cloud. These clouds can be dangerous for pilots of large planes who avoid flying over these planes due to the turbulence above them. ... full fact »


Scopolamine Facts

factsDevil's Breath is the drug that goes by the name of Scopolamine. It is an extremely dangerous drug and in fact, one of the most dangerous drugs in this world. The way it works is by erasing person's memory completely and they can't remember anything that happened after they consumed it. On the streets of Colombia, if you were to ask for the drug Scopolamine by the name of Devil's Breath you will be able to procure it easil... full fact »


Giant Squid Facts

factsThe largest invertebrate, Giant Squid lives only in water. They have large eyes as big as the basketball, which helps them search their food in deep oceans. They have gills to breathe. Although it is believed that there are more than 500 species of them but very few are known. They have short life from 1 to 3 years and they generally die after spawning. Females are larger than males in size and they mate by injecting the sperm... full fact »


Fire Rainbow Facts

factsA beautiful work of nature, fire rainbows are not a common sight. Fire rainbows are circumhorizon arcs commonly known as CHA in scientific language. Fire rainbows occur in cirrus clouds which are wispy and thin.For this incredible sight the cirrus clouds should be at 20000 feet height with sun at 58 degrees. The amount of ice crystals in the clouds need to be appropriate and properly aligned for the light to pass through it. T... full fact »


Worm Penis Fight

factsPenis fight, also referred as penis fencing, is basically a mating activity performed by certain species of flatworm, for example Pseudobiceros hancockanus. These flatworms are mainly hermaphrodites, i.e. a species not having a specific sex. Each individual flatworm features two penises which are white and pointed. Being hermaphrodites, each individual possesses both - ovaries to produce eggs and testes to produce sperms. ... full fact »


Oldest Tree Facts

factsTrees are something that can staggeringly grow to old ages. They can live much longer than any other animal or plant. As a matter of fact, many trees attain implausible longevity for a number of exclusive potentials. Some of these capabilities include the potential to replace lost or damaged organs, a sectored vascular system that helps some portions of the tree to stay alive irrespective of the fact that whether the rest of t... full fact »


Toucan Facts

factsToucan is a brightly colored bird commonly found in the rain forests of the Central and South America. Toucans are birds with variety in color as well as the size. Bright in color having red, blue, yellow, orange etc. and the size varies from 14 to 30 inches. These birds have a distinguished feature by having a long bill that is approximately half the size of their body. This bill is not very sharp or strong but is made of a t... full fact »


Facts about Wolf Spiders

factsWolf Spiders biologically known as Lycosa godeffroyi is the most common spider found easily in the gardens and homes. The wolf spiders got they from wolf because they catch the pray the same way. They do not make a web for themselves and live on the ground. The common characteristics of the wolf spider are that they are of about one to two inches of length. They are quite brisk and rush quickly on the ground. When it comes... full fact »


Killer Whale Facts

factsThe killer whale, or Orcinus orca, is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. A killer whale is a very large animal that can be more than fifteen feet in length upon maturity. The large dorsal fin on the whale is used to allow a whale to stabilize its movements. It can be up to six feet high for a male and four feet high for a female. The birthing period for a killer whale can take a while. It will take sixteen mont... full fact »


Coelacanth Facts

factsThe Coelacanth, or Latimeria chalumnae Smith, is one of the most interesting types of fish in the world. This comes from how this fish was believed to have been extinct for a long period of time. The history of the fish is very strong and over the years it has been handled over the years to where the fish is being protected by a variety of organizations. The Coelacanth is unique in that it was discovered in the twentieth ce... full fact »


Kangaroo Facts

factsThe kangaroo is an animal from Australia that is truly one of the most unique animals in the world. This is a type of animal that is noted for living in dry places and is noted for how it hops around the land with its long feet and large back legs. The kangaroo received its name from the Aboriginal word "gungurru." English settlers in the area used that word but had been pronouncing it as "kangaroo." Many settlers thought t... full fact »


Watermelon Facts

factsWatermelon, which is also known as Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) in the Cucurbitaceae family, is a unique fruit as well as a plant that comes from the southern part of Africa. The watermelon plant is especially known since creates a fruit known by botanists as a pepo. This is a unique berry that features a thick rind and a strong center. This type of berry is created through an inferior ovary. An interesting thing about a ... full fact »


Banana Facts

factsThe banana is a fruit which can be found in more than five hundred varieties in different parts of the world. The banana plant is the largest plant in the world which does not have a stem made of wood. These banana plants belong to the same botanical family as that of lilies, palms and orchids. A cluster of bananas will consist of at least ten to twenty bananas and such a bunch is usually known as a hand. Every banana which be... full fact »


Eagle Measurement Facts

factsA female eagle is ten to twenty percent larger than a male eagle. In Zoological terms, heaviest means largest, according to which, the Philippines Eagle would be the largest, but actually speaking, the Harpy Eagle scores better. If the longest wing span is considered, the longest span is of the Wedged tailed Australian eagle, with an estimated wing span of 230-250 centimeters. The largest ever is the Haast's Eagle, also called... full fact »


Moon Bear Facts

factsMoon bears are the Asiatic black bears which are called so because of the 'crescent moon' found on their chest. Their weights vary from one hundred and ten pounds to four hundred and fifty pounds. They inhibit in the high altitude forests ranging from Pakistan to Japan. These bears are about four to six feet tall and owing to their strong claws they can climb trees easily and can swim as well. They make dens in caves and can s... full fact »


Jesus Christ Lizard

factsA part of the Iguana family, the Jesus Christ lizard is known so, because of a special ability it has. Upon, seeing danger, the lizard can run on the surface of water at a break neck speed. Also, known as the basilisk, the lizard comes with well equipped with webbed hind legs. While, their tread upon water surfaces is more of an appearance, it does not usually last for more than 10-20 meters in a stretch, and in the case of ol... full fact »


Mike: The Headless Chicken

factsMiracles happen. For a five and half months old rooster, there would not really be many ways to gather dust and fame in our world. But on the 10th of September 1945, destiny had a certain way with Mike. Using a sharp axe, farmer Lloyd Olsen decided on preparing Mike for the night's supper. However, bringing the tool down did chop off the rooster, but did not prepare it for Mr. Olsen's kitchen, as the rooster, did not seem to m... full fact »


Irish Elk Facts

factsMegaloceros, popularly known as the Irish Elk has been misnamed for the species is neither elk nor Irish. This is the name of an extinct deer species, the largest ever. The Irish Elk was as tall as seven feet up till its shoulder and its antlers were spread up to twelve feet. The evolution of this giant deer species took place in the glacial periods while the Pleistocene Epoch was on. The species became extinct because it fail... full fact »


Coral Attacks Jellyfish!

factsAmazing new discovery in Israel! Near the city of Eilat in the Red Sea, scientists caught coral sucking in a large jellyfish. "During the survey we were amazed to notice some mushroom corals actively feeding on the moon jellyfish," says Ada Alamaru, Tel Aviv University, Israel. This is extremely strange behavior for corals since their regular diet usually includes only microscopic organisms called zooplankton (tiny drifting an... full fact »


Tarsier Facts

factsDo you know the smallest monkey spends its entire life on trees? Yes! It's true. Tarsier, an unusual mammal, just keeps clinging to the trunk of the trees, even while sleeping and giving birth to the young ones. Isn't it amazing? This nocturnal animal has large eyes, a long tail and ears with almost no hair. It is a carnivores animal and can move its ears to determine the location of the prey. The most unusual thing about thi... full fact »


Tibetan Mastiff Facts

factsThis ancient breed of dog (records show their presence in 1121 BC) proudly stands as one of the strongest dogs today. Marco Polo described them as "tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as that of a lion. "Known in Tibetan as 'Do khyi' meaning 'home guard' which indicates it's use as a protector of homes and livestock. It is classified as a primitive breed and still exhibits characteristics and adaptations necessary for it... full fact »


Brainwashed By Fungi!

factsImagine an insect that is brainwashed by parasitic fungi (genus Cordyceps). This interesting fungi manipulates insect's brain forcing him to climb the plant or tree, and upon reaching to the top grows out of his head or body! Cordyceps also called Chinese caterpillar fungus, native to the Tibetan plateau in China. In human beings, it enters through the ears, germinates in the mind, causes the host to destroy rival communities,... full fact »


Facts About Strawberries

factsStrawberry is not a fruit, it is a receptacle. California is the largest producer of strawberries with almost 20000 acres dedicated to growing the fruit. Surprisingly the entire land of the USA is considered to be fertile for growing strawberries. If consumed in the right amount this fruit can fill in almost 20% of human body's daily requirement for folic acid and 140% of Vitamin C. It is the only fruit with the seeds on the s... full fact »


Carnivorous Caterpillars

factsThere are certain types of caterpillars which are carnivorous in nature. However, only one percent of all caterpillars eat meat, and generally feed upon soft flesh like insects and spiders. There are several species found in different parts of the world with slightly different characteristics. They begin their life by eating plants of a specific type, but as they grow they switch to certain types of insects. The most interesti... full fact »


Earwigs Facts

factsEarwigs (Order Dermaptera) are small bugs that got their name from the myth that they climb into people's ears and therein lay their eggs or tunnel into the brain. Our site visitors reported that earwigs do climb into ears, but we believe that it mostly to hide from cold, since earwigs usually tunnel 6 feet under the ground to hide from cold weather. Earwigs also have two penises! Both are larger than it's body and if it n... full fact »


Elephant Facts

factsElephants are well known for their intelligence and caring for each other. Elephants cry and laugh and they are largest animals that live on land. Elephants live long, between 60-70 years. Elephant's musk has more than 100,000 muscle units and elephant poops around 80 pounds a day. It is known that elephants take a great care over dead bones of their family members. However, it is the myth that they carry them to secret "eleph... full fact »


Lion And Tiger = Liger

factsWhat happens when a male lion and a female tiger breed? A Liger - the largest of all felines. A liger looks like a giant lion with diffused stripes and some male ligers grow sparse manes. These massive creatures are 10 feet long on average and weigh about 700 lb (320kg). Liger love swimming - trait common to tigers but lacking in lions. Ligers have been bred in captivity, deliberately and accidentally, since shortly before Wor... full fact »


Facts About Marijuana

factsCannabis was first cultivated in China around 4000 B.C. and the U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Twelve Americans receive prescribed marijuana from the U.S. government. There are three main types of Marijuana: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. Cannabis Sativa grows taller and it gives more of a head high. Indica is a short bushy plant and the high is more muscle relaxing throug... full fact »


Candiru Fish In Your Penis

factsIf you ever swim in the Amazon and Oranoco Rivers of South America please think twice before urinating in the water. Fish called Candiru or Carnero is attracted by urine smell (urea and ammonia) and it can insert it self into the penis or vagina while urinating. Then penis fish lodges itself somewhere in the urinary tract with its spines and it uses its mouth for feeding by sucking the blood. It is almost impossible for fish t... full fact »


Goats That Climb Trees

factsGoats can climb trees! In Morocco goats climb Argan trees to consume delicious berries which are similar to the olives. Local farmers follow these goats because fruit of the Argan tree has the nut inside which is used to make delicious cooking oil. Interesting fact (besides the climbing goats) is that Morocco goats spit or excrete these nuts, which then farmers use to make the Argan oil. However, Argan trees are close to exti... full fact »


Ladybird Facts

factsThere are more than 5000 ladybird species. Ladybirds usually eat plant lice. However, Asian species when introduced to the Europe attacked European ladybirds. Dots on the ladybirds have nothing to do with the years of living. Some ladybirds have up to 22 dots on the back. Average lifespan of these cute bugs is three years. Some people believe that ladybirds can predict the weather. If they fell off your hand it would rain, if... full fact »


Praying Mantis Facts

factsPraying Mantis a master of disguise is carnivorous insect with a very colorful appetite. They can turn their triangular heads up to 180 degrees in search for an insect. An interesting praying mantis fact is that, while they are mating, the female praying mantis eats the males head. No one knows for sure why, but it could be that protein from male body helps the eggs develop. When little mantis hatch they look like their parent... full fact »


Birds Commit Suicide

factsIt is believed that in a small town in North Eastern part of India (Jatinga) birds commit suicide in a particular 1.5 km long and around 200 meters wide strip of field area. These birds are not suicidal since their behavior may be attributed to heavy rains and floods and submergence of their natural habitat in the surrounding areas. Also the local villagers light torches which attract the birds migrating at night. They then cl... full fact »


Lassie Facts

factsAlthough most known Scottish shepherd, Lassie, is white-brown, original Collies were mostly tricolor: white, brown and mostly black (on the back). It's also interesting that Collies are better known as "Lassie", than "Collie" or "Scottish shepherd".... full fact »


Fireflies and Internal Light

factsDo you wonder where fireflies got their internal light? Fireflies actually contain the so-called Luciferin. This substance when combined with oxygen will enable them to produce light. This process is called bioluminescence and they light up to attract the mate. Same is true with angler fish which also produces light, but they use it to catch the prey.... full fact »


Insects in your Chocolate

factsDid you know that the average chocolate bar in the U.S. contains at least 8 pieces of an insect in it? Harvesting of the cacao beans occurs in the tropical countries of South America with low sanitation levels. Cacao tree beans are cut and piled in the farmer's field where they ferment for 6 days. During this process, children and adults walk over the piles; insects, rodents, small animals and other living things that make the... full fact »


Armadillo Facts

factsA pound of armadillo meat contains 780 calories. Most armadillos seen dead on the road did not get hit by the wheels. When an armadillo is frightened it jumps straight into the air. Armadillos have four babies at a time, always all the same sex. They are perfect quadruplets, the fertilized cell split into quarters, resulting in four identical armadillos. Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours of sleep per day. Armadillos can ... full fact »


Tasmanian Tiger wolf

factsTasmanian tiger-wolf is an extinct wolf like carnivorous marsupial of Tasmania having stripes on its back. Despite its popular name, this animal is neither a tiger nor a wolf and it is closely related to the kangaroo. Tasmanian tiger-wolf has a pouch for its babies to climb in. The extinction of the Tasmanian wolf is attributable solely to activities of human beings, it was said to become extinct in 1936.... full fact »


Dogs As Suicide Bombers?

factsIn the Second World War, during the Blitzkrieg campaign, German tanks were too fast and too powerful for Russian military. Russians idea was to train the dogs to carry bombs under the German tanks. The trainers would first starve the dogs, and then train them to find a food under the tank. Unfortunately, problem was that dogs trained under the Soviet tanks not the loud German diesel tanks. Plan backfired on Soviets, but they d... full fact »


Octopus Facts

factsThe largest octopus weighs about 15kg (Octopus dofleini). An Octopus has three hearts and it can squeeze through a hole the size of a 10-cent coin. Hapalochlaena species can inject enough venom in one bite to kill several adult humans. They can adopt a two-tentacles "walk" that frees up their six remaining limbs and makes them look like an armed vehicle.... full fact »


Hungry Female Mosquitoes

factsOnly female mosquitoes bites humans and drinks their blood. Male mosquitoes are much bigger than females, but they are harmless to the humans. Female mosquito uses blood to produce eggs since certain proteins are needed for reproduction. Actually mosquitoes are principally nectar feeders except of course for the females. However, mosquito family Toxorhynchites never drinks blood.... full fact »


Hyena Most Masculine Female?

factsHyenas live in a female dominated society. Female Hyenas are the most masculine females in the animal kingdom. They have very high levels of hormones that are usually found in the males. Also many female hyenas have enlarged clitoris, to the point of looking like a penis. The female hyena urinates, mates and gives birth through this modified clitoris (it is inverted for mating).... full fact »


Donkey Plus Horse Equals?

factsWhen a female horse and a male donkey mate, the offspring is called a mule, but when a male horse and a female donkey mate, the offspring is called a hinny. When a male zebra and a female donkey mate the offspring is called a ‘zedonk’ or ‘zebrass’. All of these resulting offspring are sterile (can't have babies).... full fact »


Hypoallergenic Cats

factsPeople that are allergic to cats will be able to pet them without sneezing and scratching. Genetically engineered cats will be produced to help people with allergies enjoy their sneeze-free kitties Allerca, Inc., a biotechnology firm in San Diego, California, says it has bred Hypoallergenic Cats and is now taking orders from customers in the United States.... full fact »


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