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Edgar Allan Poe And Alcohol

Edgar Allan Poe, American poet, was seventeen years old when accepted into University of Virginia. First year he managed to gamble all his scholarship money. It was also reported that Edgar owed around $2500 to local gamblers. Gambling addiction led to alcoholism, which is still debated by many Poe's followers. However, it was reported by school systems that Edgar showed up in class drunk even during the examinations. The interesting fact is that Edgar Allan Poe finished with highest grades in his class and became best student of his generation. When he was 27 years old Poe married 13 year old Virginia Eliza Clemm. Some say that their relationship was more like that between brother and sister than like husband and wife. To all witnesses Poe loved his wife very dearly. He wrote several poems where he shows his love for her and the pain she had to go through when diagnosed with tuberculosis ("Annabel Lee"). Virginia did not survive this deadly disease and her monument is erected in Baltimore, Maryland.

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thanks man!
nick at 10:50AM, Nov 12th 2009.
michael ardelean
this site is alright it did help me with my project
michael ardelean at 08:19AM, Nov 11th 2009.
ok so that was alright..... but what about how she died? it was beacause her blood vessle poped and what about his ealy life? i know all about him but share the knowladge man!
Flossy at 09:09PM, Nov 10th 2009.
edgar allan poe wrote: #
all these young kids always making these sly comments if i could get my hands on you guys i would choke the living **** out of all of you...

haha i agree 100%
L.C at 04:33PM, Nov 5th 2009.
the little monster things on the side are so weird

o _o
L.C at 04:31PM, Nov 5th 2009.
thx for the info, but it would be nice if u had more facts that many ppl didn't know, like he was an inspiration for Stephen King and Conan Doyle, wether or not ppl alrdy knew that.
L.C at 04:30PM, Nov 5th 2009.
thaanks, i really needed this for an in class assignment.
kelli at 12:40PM, Nov 4th 2009.
first of all his scholarship money was very little because Allan (foster father) didn't send him hardly anything because Allan was the one gambling and second he didn't become an alcoholic because of gambling he became an alcoholic when Virginia died.
kc at 01:07PM, Oct 26th 2009.
whoa! lol no wonder he didnt have kids! damn, that would've been kewl to be a great-great-grandchild of Edgar Allan Poe. Btw... i keep spelling his middle name wrong, it sucks.
Poe was a great man. if he wasnt such a drunk...

Um as for the whole marrage thing... yea i couldnt see myself marrying somebody this year... and to die at 15 would soo suck..

Brandy at 01:51PM, Oct 23rd 2009.
thanks this helped me with a ****ing assigment
soccerlover at 09:33PM, Oct 19th 2009.
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cece208 at 12:05PM, Oct 19th 2009.
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iubiub at 05:39PM, Oct 14th 2009.
fish head 69
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fish head 69 at 10:41AM, Oct 13th 2009.
billy fett
hes hot and ima guy
billy fett at 10:39AM, Oct 13th 2009.
you guys are all gay
darren at 09:10AM, Oct 13th 2009.
Thanks i really needed some facts on Poe for a hw assignment. He seems pretty kool...i guess!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;) :D :O
Nikkinoodles at 06:18PM, Oct 5th 2009.
Admin comment
Interesting Facts
Thank You UVA,

We fixed this error and added few sentences about Poe's marriage. Her name was also Virginia :)
Interesting Facts at 04:00AM, Sep 27th 2009.
UVA '06
Poe went to The University of Virginia, not Virginia University

UVA '06 at 12:48AM, Sep 27th 2009.
thanks! that helped me alot. poe was a sick man, but he still had a great mind.
Katherine at 06:02PM, Sep 21st 2009.
Admin comment
Interesting Facts
Can you please refrain from making such a comments without actual proof? Can you point out one thing that is not true here and state why this thing is false?

We work hard on deliver the truth so it makes us very sad when someone writes something crazy like you just wrote.
Interesting Facts at 09:55AM, Sep 17th 2009.
Dude, i think nothing is true in this website! But neverhteless, it was fun reading that fact!
Aditya at 08:50AM, Sep 17th 2009.
No offense to Poe but he wasn't hot...
And thanks for this, I need the info for an assignment (:
Eve at 10:54AM, Sep 16th 2009.
Mr. Poe
Thank you for writing a summary about me. But i did not have a drinking problem, however. I love pie.
Mr. Poe at 04:25PM, Sep 10th 2009.
thaxxxx this help me with some of wat i need butt u need 2 rite more
darren at 09:53AM, Sep 4th 2009.

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