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deep web

Deep Web Facts

The Deep Web, often called the Hidden Web, Dark Web or Invisible Web, is a part of the Internet that is not indexed by

Diamond Facts

Science Facts

The diamond is hardest natural rock on earth. This does not mean that it’s unbreakable or cannot be reduced in size. Diamonds can be

sun gazing

Sun Gazing Facts

World Facts

Sun gazing is perhaps one of the most mistaken-for and clouded practices pursued by fanatics across the globe! This is a classic example of

Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular Clouds Facts

Nature Facts

A special type of cloud is often mistaken for a UFO. These clouds, known as ‘lenticular clouds’ form above a mountain when a breeze


Uma Thurman Facts

People Facts

Uma Karuna Thurman, daughter of Robert Thurman and Nena Thurman, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on April 29, 1970. Uma’s father was the first


Jagger In Clockwork Orange?

People Facts

Before Stanley Kubrick took over, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones were considered to play the “droogs” in the Clockwork Orange. Anthony Burgess the


Dragon Blood Tree

Nature Facts

The dragon blood tree is one of the most popular natural wonders growing in and around the Mediterranean region. The tree gives out a


Koala Sex Life

Nature Facts

Female koalas have become infamous for engaging in lesbian sex. Females often overlook males and participate in sexual acts with other females, sometimes in


Google Balloon Internet

Google is launching balloon in stratosphere to deliver internet to places where internet connection is not possible by other means. They are using wind


Yawning Facts

People Facts

Have you ever wondered why when someone yawns, the other person follows suit? Yawning is caused due to low levels of oxygen in the


Hexagram Facts

World Facts

Hexagram is a geometrical figure that looks like a star and has 6 edges and vertices. It is also refereed to as a six-pointed

kirlian photography

Kirlian Photography

Man has forever been captivated by photography and the ability to be able to capture images and memories forever. The question that arises is

rhode island

Facts about Rhode Island

World Facts

Roger Williams found the Rhode Island and established the first Baptist church in America in 1638. It occupies the land area of 1045 square


Facebook Privacy Facts

One of the major points that Facebook scored over all of the other social networking sites, at least initially, was its stringent in privacy

man nipple

Why Men Have Nipples

People Facts

There seems to be no logical answer behind this as women are the ones who nurture their babies with the milk from their breasts.

dark energy

Dark Energy Facts

Science Facts

After supernova universe was expanding up to one point and after that strange matter continued this expansion. Scientists called this matter the Dark Energy.


Scopolamine Facts

Nature Facts

Devil’s Breath is the drug that in goes by the name of Scopolamine. It is an extremely dangerous drug and in fact, one of

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